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2/10/06: Honda unveiled the Civic Si Sedan Concept at the Chicago auto show. A production model is expected to go on sale this fall and will be powered by the same two-liter powerplant found in the Civic Si Coupe. Click Here for more info. The coupe version of the Si was compared to the redesigned VW GTI in the March 2006 issue of Car and Driver. Look for results and a summary of that review to be up soon. Also, the Civic was named Motor Trend's Car of the Year and the Honda Ridgeline was named Truck of the Year. Looks like Honda is embarking on yet another successful and perhaps even record setting year year.

11/24/05: Happy Turkey day to all. Just wanted to update everyone on whats been happening. I'm still in the process of preparing the updated Honda Addict for release. I know it should be done but I've been soo busy with school. I promise it will be finished soon and that it will be the best looking, most user friendly version released to date. In the meantime I have fixed the minor gliches that could be found throughout the site. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday.

10/29/05: For 2006 Honda is releasing an all new Civic line-up, including an Si coupe that is more powerful than any Si produced to date. Powered by a K-series powerplant similar to the one found under the hood of an Acura RSX Type-S, the new Civic Si produces 197hp. Acura has also updated some of its line-up and the legendary NSX has recieved the ax. A replacement is already in the works according to Honda. More on that with pictures soon. I have removed the Links section to update it as well as the Links to Us section. The S2000 info page is also due for some updating so expect that soon as well.

5/6/05: Pictures of the new Honda Ridgeline Truck are located in the Gallery. More details on that are coming soon. Also look out for Honda Addict's new look as well as some new features.

1/2/05: Happy New Year to everyone. This new year I will make a commitment to regular updates, something that I haven't done for at least a year. Look out for the new Honda/Acura vehicles available in 2005 including the long awaited Honda Ridgeline Truck, Hondas first attempt at the truck market. As of yet Honda has only released pictures of the concept but as soon as pictures are made available rest assured you will find them here at Honda Addict. Also look out for Honda Addicts new look, I have been working on it and it should make the site better looking and easier to use than ever.

8/04/04: Update: For Sale: 1998 Dodge Dakota Sport. $4500 Call 352-328-6228 More Detail on this ad and possibly others soon!

8/03/04: It has been a while since Honda Addict's most recent update. Expect new pictures, news, updates, and possibly even For Sale adds soon!

7/22/03: Click here to visit Honda Addict's own forum for members to discuss their Hondas and Acuras and post pictures of there rides. Depending on how this forum goes maybe we can get a bigger and better forum/discussion board going. Hope everyone likes it.

7/17/03: UPDATE: The Acura gallery is now complete as well as the Honda Gallery.
The Honda Gallery has been updated and hopefully the Acura gallery will be done later today. Enjoy.

7/16/03: Soon hopefully Honda Addict will have a new face. Maybe not a total redesign but a slightly altered look. Also I am still working on adding the complete new Honda and Acura lines.

12/31/02: Check out our newest affiliate. a great source for lighting and sound needs in your car. Also I haven't found really good pics of the new Honda and Acura line yet but as soon as I do they will be up. Happy New Year.

6/2/02: I added some links to the links section and updated a few things here and there. I also recently purchased my first car. Once I finish some of the things that I want to do to it I'll upload some pictures.

12/31/01: The galleries have finally been updated and now have the correct full line of Acura and Honda models. Also this year the new Acura RSX is among Car and Driver's 10Best. The Honda S2000 and Accord are on Car and Driver's 10Best once again. Happy New Year.

09/15/01: My sympathy goes out to all those who have suffered and lost loved ones on Tuesday. I know even with these cowardly attacks we will continue to persevere. God Bless America.

09/03/01: The Si is back. The new 2002 Civic Si is supposed to have 160hp and 130lbs/ft of torque produced by a 2.0L iVTEC engine.

7/19/01: Like the S2000? This picture will make you cry. Click here for S2000

6/23/01: Honda Addict has been added to a site that features top Honda sites called The banner is located under the counter. Vote away.

6/1/01: Please send in pictures of your Honda or Acura for the custom gallery. When you e-mail them to me try to send them in a .jpg or .gif format. Feel free to send them even if you can't put them in one of those formats. Thanks.

5/3/01: Have you visited the motorcycle gallery recently? If not why not go check it out?

4/20/01: I got rid of the members section. Please e-mail me with any input on the site b/c I have run out of ideas for new sections. I would like to know what kind of things people might like to see happening on the site.

4/11/01: I may get rid of the members section since nobody has responded about it or putting their car up and it had been up for more than a year. You can still have your pictures put up if you want but Honda Addict will no longer have a specialized section for it. It will just go in the custom gallery with information if you like. If I don't get five members by the end of next week I will take down the Members Setups page since it is just collecting dust and taking up space.

2/9/01: I am thinking about making my own discussion board. I was considering using one of the free providers but I don't like any of them. If anyone is interested in running one with me then e-mail me.

1/15/01: I added a Link To Us section today. We also have a new affiliate, For all the S2000 enthusiasts it is a great source of information on the S2000.

12/29/00: I added the new Custom Gallery today. If you like you can still view the old custom gallery from the new one. Click the link on the menu at right to view the new custom gallery.

12/28/00: The Accord and the S2000 both made it on Car and Drivers 10 best list this year. Click here to view the articles. On Car and Drivers 10 best performers list the Insight took both EPA city fuel economy at 61mpg and C/D-observed fuel economy at 47mpg.

12/23/00: I am currently working on a new format for the Custom Gallery. It will have a lot more pictures and an easy to use format. I also have changed the rules in the affiliates so if you are interested in becoming affiliates with Honda Addict please check it out by clicking the affiliates button on the menu at right. Look for the new layout for the Custom Gallery soon.

12/20/00: I haven't added anything new recently. If you are interested make sure that you visit the member's section. In case that you were wondering it is free. I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

10/29/00: I added a discussion board. Click here to see the discussion board. The discussion board is run by Honda Enjoy.

10/10/00: I changed the name of the site from Ricky's Honda Addict to Honda Addict. I had thought about it for a while but finally decided to do it today.

10/9/00: The Civic got a redesign. I know that it isn't news exactly but I haven't been able to update for a while b/c I didn't have an Internet connection. I will put a new picture in the gallery for that soon I hope. Now that the Civic has been redesigned we can all guess whats next... Thats right the Integra. Honda Modifier a new honda webpage has a picture of a possible design on the start page of the Integra. I added the whole Acura line to the gallery and I added a member setups section.

8/11/00: We have finally recieved 1000 hits. I would like to thank all of those who visited the site. I know I am making a big deal out of virtually nothing but to me it is a big deal. Hopefully soon I will be able to get a domain name. That way the site will get a lot more hits. Not a lot of people like to come to geocities pages. I have added to the main car gallery. The only picture that isn't there is the Insight. If you have a picture of an Insight that you think I could use please e-mail me. If you have a nice custom Honda you would like to see added to the custom gallery I will start a section of owner's Hondas with information about your honda and pictures of your honda. If you are interested e-mail me. I will start the section as soon as I get the first Honda. If I don't get one soon then I will start the section anyway so maybe people will have more initiative to send me pictures and information of there Honda.

7/21/00: The motorcycle gallery has been finished since the 18th but I forgot to update. For those of you who are wondering were my sudden interest for motorcycles came from the answer is this: It didn't I always had it but just recently decided to start a motorcycle section here. Soon the motorcycle section will get bigger. So far I only put up Hondas Sport Bikes b/c those are my favorites but soon there will be sport touring bikes and maybe even cruisers. I NEED AFFILIATES!!!!!

According to Motor Cyclist, Honda could be readying its retro CB Four (see photo below) and new 1800cc, flat-six Gold Wing for 2001; look for the new Wing to sport retro bodywork and a new alloy frame (look also for a revamped Valkyrie and maybe even a revamped F4); the VTX800 naked twin should show up next year and the V6-powered ST1100 replacement and a new big twin cruiser are on the horizon.

7/17/00: I got the motorcycle gallery up... So far I only have the CBR929RR and the RC51 up but soon all the other sport bikes and then maybe more. Now the gallery is split into two sections, motorcycle and car. If you are interested click here.

6/25/00: I hope that everyone likes the new start page. It is basically the same with slight variations of color and the new affiliates (unfortunately there are none yet). I have a few ideas for additions. Yeah I know that I say that a lot but it is summer vacation and I have a lot of time on my hands so this time I mean it. If you are interested in the affiliates e-mail me. Please read the rules first in the affiliates page first.

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