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The 'November' Update

Welcome aboard to my homepage -  a place where you'll get to learn something about me.:-)

Call me just Carol. That's how friends address me. I was born in 1976 (5th of June) in pair - yupe, I have a twin sister (Heidea). I am about 167cm tall and weigh 58kgs.  A mix of Chinese (dad) and Iban (mom). I speak English, Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien, Iban and Melanau.

I'm from Sarawak. Before I came to Singapore I was working in Brunei for 2 years plus. My hobbies are mainly about adventurous and thrilling stuffs. I love challenge, althought it is "challenge" that makes me realised how weak i am as a person. I also believe in giving myself a chance to do whatever i wanted to do (Life is too short!!!) . I am sometimes 'cynical' but not to be affected too much by negative remarks.

I love to kill time with exercises and workouts. I swim, run, aerobic, dance (in my room), gym and do martial arts. I am moving toward fitness line and has obtained my FISAF Personal trainer certification. Done my Basic Exercise Course (SSC) and  Aerobic Instructor Course. I am a black belt holder in Taekwondo and also doing Aikido.

I started to be one of the regular in IRC and ICQ since November 2000. My main intention is too look for sincere and honest friends and I'm not denying that I met quite a few interesting people but they didn't last long.. I have many friends from chatting in Yahoo Messenger & ICQ. I'm not into any kind of affair or fling. But I do love to meet someone who love martial art and sports. Maybe just sharing some thoughts??? 

My other interests are In-line Skating, mountain trekking, river/sea kayaking and Sport Climbing. I got my Scuba Diving License in 2003 and 1st Level Sport Climbing cert in April 2004. Although I am a beginner in those sports, I am determined to learn them.


I'm currently doing part-time modelling in photography. Welcome any TFCD shoot from interested photographers (please show me your portfolio first).

Besides photography modelling, I am also learning digital photography techniques as it is one of my hobbies besides travelling and exercise.

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(First published in April 2001)
Updated on  15 November 2006
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I love whoever loves me sincerely and accept me the way I am. But please don't take it negatively when I just want to be your friend. Sounds pretty simple huh??

I have 1 elder sis, followed by me and my twin (Heidea), 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. My brother (Kelvin). I have a cute niece 'Samantha', and nephew 'Nicholas'.

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I'm looking for the right man to be my baby - period.

Need to maintain the way I am.

If any of you are interested to know me, feel free to drop me a few lines in
Still - My Beloved Sister
I had a nasty fight with my twin sister. Someone whom I have been respected and cheerished. I hope she knows what she is doing, she changed so much over the past two years.

Other family members are finding her difficult to bring into discussion. She becomes selfish and inconsiderate to others.

I'm the only person my other siblings look for when they want to ask some favour from her. Now I can't stand it anymore and I had showed her how I really felt. Unfortunately she took it badly and we started cursing each other.

It's too bad..... but sorry I have to do what i have to do.

On eve of CNY (28th Jan), I finally spoken to her. I guess we have resolved our conflict!
Precious was born 7 July 2004 - Girl Isabel Felipe R.