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[d0t] c0m for a New sTarT

...honey_mix_sugar *pooF goNeZ...

LaYoUT same as >>q_teee's pOnDeRs<<
c0LoUrS #ff99cc #ffffff #dddddd #aaaaaa
Th3mE My reFLeCt3d CoLoUrS
Mo0D>>>>>>*Emotional-->Grad! *snifF*<<<<<<<
eSPECIALy4 the one(S) that has GraD in 2004

> > >uPdaTeS

"Summer 2004: Half Gone..."

ShieTz man!!! sooo dam fast.. and its already half of summer! eeKz!* that is friggin scray! which mean... I have to go too another highschool again.. where I dont really knw how to "make frds" on my own.. without any connections! T^T! aish! not use to it man! going too a school for 5yrs that contains 2000 sumthin students... and now... a school that is only one floor... GING ZmaLL and only 800 students... too old school.. it would prob look like a skip out day... *ponders* =P hehehehe well.. I guesss.. then its easier for me too.. knw ppl? I guess.. I dunno! T^T! aish! grade 13 wor!!! other ppl prob been there for 5yrs.. and for me... 5mins maybe!? O wellZ! itz prob cuz I threw away good time too study for 5yrs in kIllarney! so.. I guess NEW start la!!.. anywayz~ this summer ... GING busy lor!.. I see like Jen! everyday! =S! tiring.... but... sniff! getting near August 3rd.. just reminds me... itz almost been a yr! T^T! andx... reminding me... that.. Killarney... was in the past.. now.. London is ahead of you!....

> > >ProFiLeS

***Tiffany Yu
***ѽéo ҽoɵ, Tiff yu, Tiff Tiff, Tiff, "sexi" Hello kitty??
***Killarney Secondary School
***Friendster avAiLable
***d0td0t villageavAiLable
***VXC q_teee
***AznAve azn_ic3d_ang3l///azn_sweet_hartz

+++Straight Pass Shoulder Length ugly Faded Reddish Marroon Hair
+++Hazel Brown Eyes(aznStyle), 4eyes 0.0
+++F-a-T ><"
+++Use to have pierce.. but CloSeD.. Shall get it back

~~~Pink etc...
~~~Cinnamoroll/Baby Cinnamon
~~~Espot/Sing K/Shopping/Star Gazing...
~~~Puppies! gotz my own! ^^"
~~~Candy, Japanesse Stuff, KK donuts!^^"
~~~Have F U N ! (no! not that type! ==__==")
~~~xtc...oopz! I mean Etc!^^"

> > >UnSiNkabLeS(s)


"BuiLding uS togehter"

---May wah! DIu! mo more highschool la wor! which means no more sharing lockers with you!!! aish! sad la! ><"! but.. .when u go too hk for friggin 4months I"m gonna like.. DIE! ><"! but anywayz... at least ur happy ah ma! with ur LG! =P going too Japan too!!!! DONT FORGET ME WOR!!! aii! ying ging yau siu siu ng seh duk la!><"! sooo bad! once everyone comes back... you leave! T^T. But anywayz... thx for being in this world la...no frdship... will ever be the same like ours... which means no one will ever understand how strong and close it is... the laughs... the tears... phone calls, sleepovers, everything... we're just like... Soulmates... maybe far apart... but... will always be one! hehehe! hai lor!! anywayz... I LUV YOU! summarized! =P BEST FRDS FOR-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-FAAAAA

---Jennifer.Wong HOLY SHIETZ! where too start... well.. sorry... and thx? but... lets talk happy! =P! itz alwayz so laughy when we talk about that day now... like. u knw which "part" me tlaking about! LOL! u... Puking on my date's head, pratically ALL OVER *cough*, PISS drunk. alx lying Flat on the grass! LOL! funny.. fun... but... yah... crying behind McD...drinking and bonding on the beach.. u knw the rest... and all that is only in one NITE!... a nite.. for sure too rmb for Lyfe! yay! I rythmed sumthiN!! wooHoo! grad... now we have too KIT.. and cant see each other as much! T^T but... we have to go CLubing now! rite! LOL! NxT step for US then... Marriage? LOL.. and *skip skip* all the way too sitting on the porch.. too read yrbooks and letters.. and flashbacks.. when we all old and wrinkly... TeeHeeHee! anywayz! I LUV YOUUUUUUUU....*mauhz*

CiCi *kaJeh will get her "n" soon so I can Take you out GA LA!
Elaine 87
Elaine 86
Janice *my GING QT Cinnamoroll MuiMui^^
Jennifer Ng *Richmond Bud! =P Catch those Clucky animals!
JoeJoe *I mish you! ><"!
Joyce Luo *Tna Twins!
Michelle Lee *itz been so long since we have met... so.. u cant HIDE NUFIN FROM ME any more!! =P

Nancy *GOddam it! I havent seen u for fuken FOREVER *GrrZ!* Hapi1yr anni!
Samantha Ng
Sandy Li *die pig dad!
Tiffany Ho *Mini Me
aLot MoRe!... msg me if I mish yoo! Etc


Alex Dang
Alex Tse *just... read our msn history IF you still have it...and u will UN

Alan *Stupid! U owe me a DAM lunch!
Anson *eh.. Hai lorrr... =P
Chan *Happy Fer you! ^^"
Darren Chan
Darren Lo
Eric Yao
John Jai
Kelvin Lee 86
Kelvin Lee 84
Kelvin Zhen
Steven *where u go! LO Dau
Tiny Tang
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