We at HSS, believe that support is the overall process of nurturing
 relationships that begin with a sale. To us, support goes beyond merely
 attending to bugs and problems after the sale.

 Our mission is to consistently provide first-contact resolution with a
 sustained emphasis on people, process and technology in both, Product
 offerings and Support services. We aim to provide comprehensive support to
 HSS customers across the globe, using the latest tools and techniques to
 deliver a consistently fast response across the full range of post-sales

 The BD-Support philosophy is to provide a single point-of-contact for the
 customer to co-ordinate all post-sales deliverables and to champion the
 customer's cause as a representative of the customer's own organization
 within HSS. This is the guiding objective for every individual in the BD-
 Support organization.

Customer Assistance Center
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Flextronics Software Systems
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Tel : +91-124-234 6666, 245 5555 Extn : 2222
Direct Tel : +91-124-280 2222, 509 5822
USA Toll-Free : 1-877-443-5750

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