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Honey's Page
A Silky Terrier Rescue Dog

On 21 August 2001, my husband & I adopted eleven year old Honey from the
Silky Terrier Rescue program. I can't say enough good things about this rescue program and
about the caring people I dealt with during Honey's adoption process. So, I'll just say...
"Thank you Marge, Bonnie & Cheryl for letting us adopt Honey."

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Honey was a stray who found herself in a shelter in Southern California.
In spite of being matted, dirty and flea-bitten, her happy nature was obvious.
The shelter staff were very pleased to turn her over into the safe hands of the rescue group.
After a few days of rest and baths, Honey had a thorough checkup
at her special veterinarian, who spayed her and left her with clean white teeth.
Honey is a 12 or 13 pound, older girl with a honey-colored coat.
Her vision is a bit limited by cataracts; she can't see much in the dark.
She has a sweet, happy nature and wants to
be with you at all times. She is a very good lap snuggler.
She is paper trained and also knows how to use the doggy door.
She walks nicely on a leash and rides well in the car.
Honey loves to eat and she's very vocal when she wants food!

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These two pictures of Honey were taken when Marge was taking care of her.
Marge took care of Honey until a loving and "forever" home could be found for her.

2 pix of Honey
"I can sit up!"

Honey has a pesky little sister, a Silky Terrier named Lizzie, who thinks she runs the house.
Lizzie is about half the size of Honey (Liz is 7.5 lbs.), and she tries to boss Honey around.
Honey is very easy going and she ignores Lizzie when she tries to boss her around.
Neither dog is very aggressive so we don't have any problems with them fighting.
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Lizzie's Banner

I wanted another dog because I thought Lizzie slept too much.
I thought she was bored & needed another dog to keep her company.
As you can see from this picture, it didn't work out exactly as I had planned it.

2 Sleeping Dogs
"Sister Lizzie and I are pretty tired, so we're napping."

We took Honey to our vet for a check-up a week after she came to live with us.
The doctor said Honey looked good for her age. He also said her skin was
too dry and he suggested we leave Honey with him so his staff could give her
an injection, a summer clip (aka beach clip), and a special dip for her skin.

Later that afternoon, when we went back to pick up Honey from the vet, we could hear her
barking from all the way out in the parking lot. I don't know if Honey was
barking because we left her with the vet and she thought she was
abandoned again, or maybe she just didn't like her new haircut!

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Summer Hair Cut

Here are a couple pictures of Honey after her hair has grown back she looks a lot happier now!

Honey Looking Up

Honey Smiling

Honey getting a bath.

Honey Getting a Bath
"Hey Mom & Dad, are you going to be much longer with this bath thing?"

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August 21, 2002

Today is Honey's one year adoption/birthday celebration.
She came to us from the Silky Terrier Rescue program
one year ago today, she was eleven years old.
Because we don't know her real birthdate, we consider this date to be
her new birthday date as well as her adoption anniversary date.
So that means Honey is twelve years old today!

Happy Twelfth Birthday Hunny Bunny!

Honey is a very sweet dog, she loves to be picked up so she
can snuggle on your shoulder. We all love Honey a lot...
even her Silky sister Lizzie, although she won't admit it.
Honey will have Angel Food Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream for her birthday.
A great suggestion from her "Mommy Marge" from the Silky Terrier Rescue group.

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Honey's Picture Gallery
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Cartoon Camera Picture

Honey's Picture Gallery of
Other Rescue Pets

Awards, Cards & Gifts!!

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Good Bye For Now Picture
"Thanks for visiting with me.
Mom & I'll be adding more stuff to my site, so
come back soon, and please

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