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Little girls are made of "sugar and spice and everything nice!" In 1992 my sugar and spice was disrupted by Multiple Sclerosis. A disease which the medical profession has no cure, no treatments, not even an understanding to its cause.

This page is a photo group of how I have reached some of my new goals changed because of MS. I wanted, after our girls were out of college, to go back to school and become a paramedic. I had worked with our local rescue squad and enjoyed being a dedicated member. I loved the feeling of being able to help and comfort others. I really felt that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

MS had different plans for me. This disease has taught me that many changes and plans will now be simple hopes, dreams, and a fight to keep my new goals a reality. My goals changed to walking to our daughter's college graduations and I completed this one.

"Haven, our oldest."

"Christi, our baby!"
How very proud I was. They graduated-I walked!!

Christi has her Master's and I walked!

My next goal was set! To walk to their weddings!! Haven married her high school sweetheart in 1996. She used my angel collection at the wedding and we enjoyed making plans, for this her day together!!! I put 100% of myself into making this, the most perfect day possible for her!! We did it! She was beautiful, I walked in 3" inch heels!! Perfect to say the least!!!

My Daddy is the minister!
He performed this marriage at almost 80 years old!!

"May you be as happy through your life as you were this day!"

Now the love of my life, that you haven't seen thus far. I thank you for the 32 years together. Without you, I would not be me! Without you, we would not have raised the great girls that we have!! I am proud of us and our family!! Thank you for always being there for me! I love you, Donald!

My long term goal is to be able to enjoy my grandchildren, not from a wheelchair or a nursing home, but on own my feet. Playing with them, loving them, and spoiling them.

UPDATE: Our grandson is born. January 25, 2000. Both mother and baby are doing fine. He is beautiful.....a joy....my love...

UPDATE: Our granddaughter arrived in Feb, 2002. She is a little doll with rose bud lips. Our daughter and the new little one are doing really well!!!

UPDATE: 1-23-03....These grandbabies are growing up way too fast. Our grandson will be 3 on Saturday and our granddaughter is 11 months. For their safety, their pictures will not appear on this site.

These pictures will most likely change as my life does! I hope that you will enjoy them! This page has gotten too large. It's now two parts, please visit the other page!

"He who has health has hope, and he that has hope has EVERYTHING."

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