More about HoneyBeeFarm's All Natural Soaps.....
~We handmake all our soaps in small batches, from the finest oils and butters.We enhance each bar with herbs and essential oils to provide you with soap that truly indulges body as well as your senses.

~If you have any *flavor combonations* that you do not see listed here, please let me know. I am always looking for fresh ideas, and if i use yours.... your first bar is free, as my gift of thanks!
Each bar is approximatly 3-3.5 oz by weight.
"I used Honey Bee Farms soap and lotion bars as gifts to the winners of the games at my sister's baby shower.  As soon as everyone saw what the prizes were, they took the games much more seriously!  The people who won were excited, and everyone else had to settle for a business card so they could contact Judi directly and buy their own." ~Diana S. of Orange CA
What some have said about HoneyBeeFarms....
"I had a baby shower and thought i would use honeybee soaps as party favors. I had thirty six individually packaged soaps made for my party. I was able to pick the color, the shape, and the scent for these soaps. The order came in one week and was extremely affordable. The guests at my party are still talking about these special soaps. Just another reason to keep honeybee farms in  mind" .
~ Sara T Orange CA
"The Belly Bar was great to use! Unlike cocoa butter or
lotions that seem to spread everywhere, the Belly Bar
glides on where ever you want it to without the mess.
I don't even have to worry about getting dressed right
after I apply it since it absorbs so quickly into the
skin.  I love it!"
~ Monica S. Santa Ana, Ca
"Did you know that your soaps last almost three time as long as store bought brands! My husband won't give up his Lever - my Honey Bee Farm Soaps outlast his by three! I love CA Hippie!"
~ Deana M. Santa Ana, CA
Rosemary Chamomile: With the relaxing scent of Rosemary and the gentle cleansing of Chamomile, this one is gentle enough to use on baby.
Lemon Lime Lavender: This floral citrus combination is clean and sweet all in the same bar.
Lemon Tea Tree: The essential oils that give this soap its fresh clean scent also provide a healing anti-viral, anti- bacterial component.
Garden Sunshine: With Chamomile and Bergamot essential oils and Calendula petals through out, earthy is its middle name.
Summer of Love: Takes you back to the 60’s with its Nag Champa aromas. Completely unisex “man”!
Patchouli Sandalwood: Is another earthy, musky scent that both men and women enjoy.
Island Baby: Need a tropical vacation… grab this one and hit the bath for an island getaway!
Candy Cane Christmas: Resembling an old fashion candy cane, This is the best WAKE UP! bar you’ll find.
Plumeria: The traditional Lei flower aroma of plumeria has been loved by many for centuries. You are sure to love it too.
California Hippie: With the earthy fragrance of patchouli and the freshness of sweet orange, this combination is sure to please the Bukinstock wearer in your life.
Orange Crush: This one is all orange! Makes a great kitchen soap!
Three Kings : A Frankincense and Myrrh blend, just right for the holidays, or any day!
Patchouli Lavender: Created with the essential oils of eachand ground patchouli leaf. The scent is very unisex, dark lavender color.
Sassafrass Lemongrass: L-E-M-O-N ! yum! with essential oils of litsea, lemon, and lemongrass.
Peppermint Tea Tree: My favorite shower bar... te peppermint wakes you up while the healing qualities of tea tree oil go to work!
~ Our Goats Milk Varieties
Naa-kid Goat
: Just that! Soap made with skin loving goat’s milk, no color, no added fragrance. This is the mildest soap you’ll find, especially for those with ultra sensitive skin.
Goat and Oat
: The gentle exfoliation from the rolled oats has many coming back for more. Lightly scented with Almond fragrance
Lavender Flower Power
: We’ve taken this time- loved and calming scent and given it an untraditional look.