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8-20-01 Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap:
26 soy
7 coconut
8 palm
3 cocoa butter
2TBS powdered GM
added to 13 oz H2O
6oz of lye
3/4 cup oatmeal added at trace
3TBS OMH fo (BB)
1 TBS honey mixed with 1TBS warm h2o added to traced soap at very last... wisked in.

poured into wood mold and covered with seran
started gelling in about an hour. full gel 30 mins later.
thin layer of oil on top.. blotted away.
3 hrs later, unmolded, prematurely? as when cut, each bar was a tad oily.
8-27-01 the soap seems to be hardening nicely . have not soaped up yet... gave some to a friend but told her to wait a week before using. will check with her on her experience and report back.
9-6-01 the soap seems great, however i wrapped them a bit early, which has made for a greasy lable :(
it lathers nicely, just enough of an exfoliting process with the oatmeal.

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