200 Cigarettes - It`s 11:59 on New Year`s Eve. Do you know where your date is?

This film was Kate Hudson`s feature film debut and she was part of an all-star ensemble cast including Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Christina Ricci, Gaby Hoffmann, Paul Rudd, Courtney Love and Jay Mohr. Kate played the Cindy a ditzy klutz who had just lost her virginity to womanizing Jack (Jay Mohr) who just can`t stop women falling in love with him. Kate reminded me a lot of her mother in this role as they look and sound a like. Here are a few quotes from the movie:

Tom (Casey Affleck): So uh can I call you, like later?
Cindy: You mean like later today?
Tom:Well, yeah, unless, unless you think that`s too jerky. Is that too jerky or something?
Cindy:No,no I don`t think it`s too jerky.
Tom: You don`t?
Cindy:uh uh
Tom:Ok, good, ya know, uh, because ya know, I really like you, alot. You know, like I like you a lot.
Cindy: You do?
Tom: Yeah. You know I don`t think you need a lot of time to know something like that, you know? You just know, you know when you know it, you know, when you know it, it happens. You know it, and I know it. You know what I mean?
Cindy: Yah. Yeah so do I.
Tom: So we should go to dinner tonight, you want to?
Cindy: Ok
They kiss
Tom: You don`t think this is crazy do you? I think I`m falling in love with you.
Cindy;Uh no, I don`t think you`re crazy.
he smiles they kiss more passionately

Kevin(Paul Rudd): Did you know that cigarettes are a sheild against meaningful interaction with people? It`s true. I read it. People protect themselves emotionally by relating to their cigarettes instaed of each other (takes a drag on his cigarette) That`s what struck me last night watching all those people standing around with their cigarettes. Why`s everyone afraid? Why are people so scared of each other?

Jack: So what`s the big deal, you a ate a chilli
Cindy: Yeah sure, you say that now. Tomorrow it`s gonna be another story, you know, tomorrow it`s gonna be "Oh no, there`s that chilli girl calling me again"

Disco cabbie (Dave Chapelle): Baby love, come here for a second sweetheart. You know what you need to do? You need to get in this cab.
Cindy: I,I do?
Disco cabbie: You`ve got to say yes to your destiny.
Cindy: I do?
Disco cabbie: Yeah, life`s happenin` right now baby. Look around you, look around you here! There goes some life and over there too, come on momma, live! Live tonight1 Say yes.
Cindy:Well, yes.
Disco cabbie: Say it loud.
Cindy: Yes!
Disco cabbie: Come like you feel it, come on baby!
Cindy: Yes!!!
Disco cabbie: There you go, get in this cab. Destiny awaits

Stephie: Look, can I tell you something here? Because this is like the worst night of my life, ok. I mean, I`m standing here in a basement on fucking Avenue D, so I`m sorry if you`re having troubles finding the right girl and everything but I`m jusy try`na get the fuck home before somebody kills me, alright!