This is me!
What's really going on? I'm a 24 year old soon to be 25 (6-27) black mexican and iriquoi indian mix, from Seattle.I just moved to Federal Way about 6 months ago.I don't really know many people out here. I'm not real mad about that though. lol. I'm a simple person, I like to go to the movies, out to eat, concerts, pet stores, antique malls, I just like to hang out you know.

I'm also a barbie collector, I currently have 7 dolls they are absolutly stunning! I know it seems odd but so am I. I'm a light ciggarette smoker while drinking. I am  a heavy blunt smoker while breathing. lol.!! I'm not all to busy in the day time (although I should be working out in a gym somewhere) but some days are different from others.

I enjoy working on my lil site here but I need to learn a lot more things about this stuff. I would like it if you could help me out, well if you have some time. No hurry. Just keep me in mind
I'm lampin, I'm lampin I'm stone cold lampin!!!
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