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Ashleigh AKA Icy Honey
What tha deal y'all?! This be Ashleigh and welcome to my world. I live in Raleigh, NC. Cockyback represent!!!
I'm 16 yrs old. I have a very diverse back ground. My mom is black,asian,&lumbi; and my dad is black & cherokee. I like people of all races and cultures. I have a crush on this puerto rican boy named Nathan. I'm very much in LOVE.
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Hobbies & Interests
Right now I'm really into writing scripts and poetry. So far I' ve written 3 novels, 4 scripts, numerous poems, and several short stories. I also like designing and making clothes. I enjoy putting together outfits for friends, family and myself. Other things I like to do are chilling with my friends, going out, sleeping, visiting different places,etc.
My best friends are Jammie and Mary. My boyfriend is Nathan (he just doesn't know it yet.). They're madd cool. My closest school friends are Olympia, Tiffany, Amanda, Tisha, Sanju, Susan, Ne'c ,Nikki and Takisha. We be wildin out. My Best Friends Mary and Jammie stay in Brooklyn. But My Best Friend from around my way is Jessika. They're all madd cool. My Friends form Church are crazy. You'd never know they were christians if you chilled with them outside of it. Their name's are Veronica, Shonda, Alicia, Lorenna, Gloria, Tameka, and Quanaisa. 
I live with my momma and my little sister, Gabbrielle.
My daddy lives in brooklyn, NY. On my mom's side, I have 5 aunts and 3 uncles. But I have 3 unlces through marriage Each aunt and uncle have at least 2 kids, so I have many cousins.
On my dad's side, I have 1 aunt and 3 uncles. I don't really remember how many cousins I have on my dad's side. But I'll let y'all now when I find out ok.