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 Hi Guys!!


     I'm sure you are wondering why I called this site as "Honeycomb".... Honestly, this term by definition is a sac where honeybees put their honeys. But for this part this is a term of endearment to my significant other. Sweet or corny as it may sounds, well it's my choice.. i mean it's OUR choice.... 


     Have a great time surfing!!!! 




Nickname   :       Jinky, Apple, JA, Jinks
Age  :       21 years old
Birthday  :       February 23, 1983
Birthplace  :       Lucena City
Gender  :       Female 
Nationality  :       Filipino
Civil Status  :       Single
Religion  :       Catholic


Complete Name: Jinky Apple H. de Guzman
Favorite Food(s): Pasta, Pizza and Pearl Shakes
Favorite Book(s): Harry Potter     
Favorite Music: RNB, Reggae, Jazz
Favorite Past Time: Sleeping....
Favorite Color: Baby Blue, Lilac
Favorite Pet: Cat "Dikdik & Puto" 
Favorite Number: 2329
Favorite Expression: Fucking Shit! (sorry for the profanity)
Motto in Life: Dream high and and aim for the Highest!
Who is your first Love: My Honeycomb
When and where did you met: One of our Music Gig
Unfogettable moment with love one: when we are in majayjay 
Do you believe in love at first sight? of course not! it's stupid!  
Do you believe in soulmate? Yes, I believed i've found mine
Do you believe in destiny? Yes, anything falls into place with reason.   
What is your favorite question? why????
Dislikes: plastics and cheaters
Ambition: To be a successful careerwoman in any field I intend to pursue          

            * reserve all your reactions with your self, i don't accept unsolicited feedbacks anyway! 


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