Country Life in Rural Louisiana

We have acquired some exotic animals that we raise for enjoyment.. Uncle Dave takes care of them. He does a good job of it.

We have a momma cat that just had a litter of kittens. My wife enjoys watching the new kittens play with each other as they develop their senses learning about the world around them. They like to chase leaves that blow across the grass or the porch from the wind.

My favorite pastime is vegetable gardening. I planted my garden some weeks ago, before easter, and I have already had to hoe the weeds out. The garden is growing very well. I guess the rain, watering and fertilizer are working.
I have entertained the idea of keeping bees. One holdup, though, is the cost of extracting equipment. I seem to stay very busy, so free available time is another holdup. I have found this excellent website created by John Clayton. His web site is located at He is a beekeper who lost his bees last year and had to start over. I can follow the development of his hive over his website. From what I have read, it is better to learn about beekeeping from an experienced beekeeper. So I anxiously read his newsletter about his hives.


For more information on my garden go to
garden .

Honeydew Hollow Home Page
Since this is our home page, I should explain what Honeydew Hollow is. That is the name we have given to our home. We bought some acreage in rural Louisiana when we decided to move out of the big city. ( I guess it's a "Green Acres" thing.) Since moving we built a house and garage. We plan on building a barn, but that will be in the future.