California's East Coast


So, like the sign implies. . .
The Gold Rush is over, so come on in. . .
There's A Party Going On Down Here!!!

Ya gonna click and join us???



Thought you might. . .
So, okay. . .what is this page about? Hmmm, haven't given it a whole heck of a lot of thought to tell you the truth!
Whats a good subject? Oh, I know. . .how about freedom?

We're all free? OK, as long as you believe that and are happy with the knowledge that it's a true fact. . .my suggestion is that you go HERE   cause you probably aren't interested in the rest of this anyways.

Me? I don't believe we are really free at all. . .at least not most of us! Our lives are governed by the thoughts, whims, and accusations of others. Truth and justice and the American Way? Yeah. . .sure! The burden of proof seems to now be on the accused and not the accuser. Such a sad state of affairs, huh?

So, how do you handle this newfound realization? Simple! Just live your life! Don't worry about what the other guy thinks as long as you can justify your actions to yourself and to the higher being you might believe in.

Live each and every day to the best of your ability. . .don't worry about what "someone" thinks! If you're happy, do it!

Freedom to come. . .freedom to go. . .freedom to volunteer. . .freedom to stop all of the above and just do what you want. It's your choice. . .because no one can take that away.                                               Wanna hear more???