SeXy SmIlE...SpArKLIn EyEs,
BaBe I GoT U HyPnOtIzEd
HaIr ToSsIn...JeWlErY DaNgLiN
I KnOw U AlL u GuYs ThInK i'M bAnGiN
LiCkEn Ma LiPz...SwInGiN Ma HiPz
MaKiN dA HoTtIeZ WaNnA TaStE ThIs
DoN't BrEaK Ur NeCk LoOkiN At My CuRvEs
U CaN't HaVe WhAt U DoN'T DeSeRvE

pLaYaZ OnLy PLaY bEcAuSe ThEy'Re aFrAiD tO GiVe ThEiR hEaRt aWaY

I'm Da LiL qT fRoM dA sTaRs AbOvE
sEnT 2 FiLL yOuR wOrLd w/ LuV!!

A gUrL iZ MuCh MoRe ThAn ShE SeEmS
SheS NoT A ToY By AnY MeAnS
UnDeRNeAtH Da MaKeUp n HaiR
ThErEs A siGn DaT sAyS "HaNdLe wiT cArE"

SwEeTa tHaN hUnNy
FiNeSt LiL mAmI
As EvErY gUy CaN TeLL

- No DoUbT My GaMe iZ TyTe -
- GoT ThUGz WaNiN Me DaY & NyTe

Ur HuGz N KiSsEz R LiKe ThE StArZ
U LiTe Up mY LiFe wHeN tHiNgZ gEt DaRk

CaLL mE wHeN uR dOwN
CaLL mE wHeN u NeEd sOmEoNe
CaLL mE wHeN iT hUrTs
JuS sO u KnO tHeReS sOmEoNe

** He holds me close when i start to cry, makes me Smile wit just his eyez, Share my Hopes,and Fears, Wipes away all my tears, I Love him without regret, just haven't found Him yet.

wHiLe Da WoRLdS gOiN cRaZi
wHiLe Da SkYs FaLLiN dOwN
1 tHiNg u CaN DePeNd oN
iLL aLwAyZ Be aRoUnD

I wAnT 2 rEmEmBeReD aS tHe GiRL wHo aLwAyS sMiLeS eVeN wHeN hEr haRt iS bRoKeN,& tHe 1 WhO cOuLd aLwAyS bRiGhTeN uP uR dAy EvEn iF sHe CouLdN't bRigHteN heR oWn

xx SoMeTiMeS y0u HaVe To LeT gO oF sOmEtHiNg To FiNd OuT iF iTs WoRtH hOlDiNg On To xx

..* Be sexy...Be True...Be Wild...Be You *

OnE gOLdEn RuLe tO LiVe bY aNd kEeP uS giRLs oN tRacK
nEvEr LuV a pLaYa cUz hE'LL nEvEr LuV u BaCk

mY BoYfRiEnD n i BroKe uP oVeR ReLiGiOuS DiFfErEnCeS...
hE ThOuGhT hE WaS GoD n i DiDnT!

iM SicK oF ThEsE LiL BoYz
& ThE GaMeZ tHeY pLaY
EiThEr U WaNT Me oR U dONT
-BoUnCe oR StAy-

i'LL B tHe 1 tO cAtCh U eVeRy TiMe U FaLL
WhEn uR hAviNg trOuBlE i'LL B tHe 1 U CaLL
i'LL B tHe FriEnD 2 tAlK 2 nOw, tHeN oR wHeNeVeR
cUz i lOvE U sO mUcH ~ BeSt fRiEnDs R 4EvEr