Back from India -- Yaniv Konchitchki


Back from India

Yaniv Konchitchki


My name is Yaniv but my friends call me Yan, Kucha or Kochinski.  I live in Tel Aviv, Israel, study economics and accounting at Tel Aviv University, and enjoy life! (mostly when I’m catching giants with my new sweet wave surfboard…)  Readers and friends have asked me about the story behind my recently published newspaper article called “Back from India”, so here it is:

I like traveling around the world in trying to satisfy my curiosity about cultures and religions.  As part of it, I was living a long time in a rigorous silent Buddhist monastery in the Far East where I practiced Vipasana meditation techniques and have gained a deeper understanding in Buddhism.  I was also exposed to interesting courses, seminars and experiences in Kaballa, Christianity and Judaism.

All of these introduced me with insights about the meaning of our life on earth, and about the common denominator among different religions and civilizations.  Once I gained these insights, it was, and is, useful to implement them in my life, and to inspire my closest circles of friends.

The article below was published in Israeli newspaper on February 1998; it describes unusual experiences during one of my trips to the Far East (the experiences described in the article were in India).

Article is here


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