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Surfing the net has become my hobby. I admire people who were able to set up
their own sites… It was then my hope that one day I could have my own. 
My cousin, Kuya Sam, made me realized one of my greatest desires. He introduced
me to the world of making homepages. Bluntly speaking, I have no knowledge of
it all. That is why I salute him for being extra patient in dealing with me 
especially in granting my “requests”… (“Tenk u talaga, kuya ha!”). 

This could not be the best site you could visit but it was fun collecting all 
the data being posted here… Know more about me and my lineage… Feel free in 
posting your comments and suggestions in my GUESTBOOK for further enrichment of 
this page… 

                                                                     Ellaine :-)

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