Moving Thoughts



A Secret Love, DEAR GOD,

My friend, next time

ODE to an unfulfilled longing

The million dollar question



A secret Love


Whenever I see you

My world turns to glow

Youíve got a precious smile

And I canít let it go

Youíre a wonderful person

          Thatís why I like you so

But sad to say, I canít let you know

          How much it meant to be with you

For you can only be a Secret Love to me!

Today, she's being willful again.


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ďDEAR GODĒ, I prayed all unafraid

ďI do not want a handsome man-

But let him be like Thee.


ďI do not want one big and strong,

Nor one so very tall,

Nor need he be some genius,

Or wealthy, Lord, at all.


ďBut let his head be high, dear God,

And let his eyes be clear,

His shoulders straight, whatever his state,

Whatever his earthly sphere.


ďAnd let his face have CHARACTER,

A ruggedness of soul,

And his whole life show, dear God,

A singleness of goal.


ďAnd when he comes, as he will come,

With quiet eyes aglow- I understand he is the man

I prayed for long ago!Ē.



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My Friend


Lots of people Iíve met

From almost all places I guess

And from among them, you bet

For me, you are undeniably the best!


Again I will say to thee

You will be truly my friend

Your advice I accept without hesitation

Being so familiar with my situation.


So much dependent on whatever you say

Listening to you all the day

I hope it will be fine with you

To be my forever confidante, too!


ďTrue friends are hard to find, ď

I am happy that I have found mine

From the day we met till our lifetime

Eternally weíll gonna be fine.


At times we have misunderstanding

And during those times I cannot lie

Whatever differences we have, weíll gonna survive

If it wonít work out, I will surely cry!


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Next Time


Now heís gone

But Iím not gonna cry

I said to myself

While wiping my eye

We never had a chance

We never got to try

But what hurts most of all

Is I never got to say goodbye.


For a while I blamed you

I said you were too shy

But now that youíre gone

I realized that so was I.

I should have made the first move

Not left it up to chance

I was afraid of being rejected

But I might have found romance.


Well now Iíve learned my lesson

Next time Iím gonna try

The heck with old traditions

Why canít a girl ask out a guy?


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Ode To An Unfulfilled Longing


I choose to love you in silence

For in my silence I find no rejection

I choose to love you in my loneliness

For in my loneliness no one owns you but I

I choose to admire you from a distance

ĎCoz the distance shields us both from pain

I choose to imprison you in my thoughts

For in my thoughts I gave you freedom

I choose to kiss you in the wind

ĎCoz the wind is more distant than my lips

I choose to touch you only in my dreams

For in my dreams there is no end!


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The Million Dollar Question


If you see me down the road with someone else

Itís not because I like his company

Itís because youíre not brave enough to walk beside me

If you hear me talking about him all the time

Itís because youíre too deaf to hear my heartbeat

If you feel me falling for someone new

Itís not because I love him

Itís because youíre not there to catch me fall.


If you feel lost, I too am nowhere

I too donít know where the road is going

Are we gonna cross each otherís path?

Or just completely turn around?

Will we just let go of what we had,

Or go to the place where love is bound?


Donít let me walk with him

Itís you I wanna walk with

Donít let me talk to him

Itís you I wanna talk with

Donít let me fall for him

Itís you I want to fall in love with!


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