A Tribute to Our Abby

A Tribute to Our Abby

(Died December 10th, 2003)


When Daddy decided to get another hound

Called around and there we found

Abby…a Rottweiler from Rescue Rottie

A mutt that was calling “choose me”!


We introduced you to Badger

And both got along together

We knew it was you.

We got to have you.


Your eyes look so sweet

They longed for our touch

You wanted to be liked and loved

It was there right from the start.


Somehow you were trained

But you had a “trust” issue

A bad experience that traumatized you

So you chose to hide the real you.


You wanted to get close

But not close enough

Like you want to give in

But please no more beating.


You would suddenly snipped and snapped

Mood changed due to a mishap.

As you remember the abuses and the hitting before

Abandoned at the back of a school with your heart’s a sore.


That would explained why you suddenly changed

Every time you see or hear the kids around

For you thought that they will hurt you again

But that’s over now… no more pain.


When we took you home, it felt right.

Too excited, everything went bright.

Little by little you showed love and sweetness

Giving back mom and dad’s tenderness.


Remember when we were sleeping in bed?

You came running and hopped up ahead

Used your nose to squeezed in between us

Funny, lay there wiggling and smiling at us.


You always took the pillow

Rest your head on it to mellow

Like a regular, normal person sleeping.

Snoring loud, making this distinctive sound.


So we learned that you liked soft cushions…

A no-no in bed or even on the futons

Been told that rules are rules

Daddy’s rules, mommy coddles…


Remember when daddy tripped at the end of the bed?

You quickly checked and responded

To ask, “are you okay, daddy huh?”

Sweetly licking him all over too.


When we were in the spa, you wanted to join in

Climbed and walked around the edges

So crazy but we needed to stop you.

Didn’t want you to slip or even break your hip too.


One time you, Badger and daddy were playing tough

Such fun but it kind of went rough

You snapped on daddy and almost snip his head.

So mad, he told you to go away but follow him instead.


The humble look and sorry in your eyes

Told us that something was realized

So sincere that you tried to be sneaky,

Following persistently to ask for an apology.


You even tried to hide behind mom

Like she could save and protect you from harm.

But daddy had to put his foot down and lay it on you

We’re the bosses here, your mom and dad too.


Calmed down you both had a “serious” talk

Wanting you to realize what happened was a no-no

Grasp the fact that finally some people care for you.

No more hitting and or beating at you


As time goes by, you were changing.

The real you were finally emerging.

Behind those big brown loving eyes was named Abby,

Then became a sweet and very affectionate rottie.


You think you were a lap dog and not that heavy at all

Sweet affections were on a roll

Always wanting to have our touch on you.

It was your satisfaction and comfort too.


You played soccer with cousin Eric.

But when you were tired and exhausted,

Grabbed the ball and lay on one corner,

Like that’s it, I’m not sharing it anymore.


We played footsies or leaned towards us more

When you don’t want us to go or even thru the door.

You just blocked the entire way and not move at all.

Begging us not to go and please stay so.


You had that look in your eyes

So irresistible but to submit with what you wanted

Just because of the love and care

Found you oh so cute to stare.


One day, mommy even caught you being naughty

On top of Badger humping and doing his booty

Like a male dog would do when you’re the girl here,

Shocked yet funny, finding you to be a queer.


Our walks around the block

The hanging out by the pond

Watching the ducks

Feed them as they swim and quack.


The rides at the back of the truck

Happy faces you and Badger would stuck

Heading towards Coyote Hills or somewhere

So excited spending it together.


Exhausted and out of breath,

Fed you with the bottled water instead.

We didn’t even need a leash to hold you down

You would just stay and not run.


Our talks like you were another person we confide to

And you pretended to know so

Seemed to always understand how we feel

So you just stayed beside us and sit still.


You may not be able to talk back

Neither can give us an assuring pat

Just showed your unconditional affection

Pleasing us gives you satisfaction.


As they say a dog is a man’s best friend

Who’s always going to be there till the end

A loyal huggable “bear”- ry understanding rottie

We couldn’t ask for a better puppy.


You made so much such funnies

Los and lots of happy memories

Abby, you’re a great mutt,

Mom and Dad really miss you a lot.


Just want to see your tongue hanging, waiting and drooling….

No tail but sees your butt wiggling…

Wanting some of your favorite Scooby Snack

A cookie you get when you knock.


It’s not the same without you here

A lover not a fighter so awfully dear

The “baby girl” we loved to hail

Forever you’ll always be our Abigail.


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