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Photography Is a Art

This is not designed to be a course on the history of photography such as a resource to dip into. In addition to pen-portraits of many of the most important photographers of the period, it contains information on some of the most significant processes used during the early days of photography.

The project was confined to the first eighty years or so, as this is often a convenient cut-off point in books and when dividing courses into a syllabus. To some extent this has been a frustration, in that there have been many important developments and many interesting photographers who practised during and subsequent to that date. It is hoped that a sequel will be forthcoming in due course.

This work is intended to be of general interest, but it may also be a useful starting-off point for students preparing for courses which include brief study of the history of photography.

The site will be revised regularly in the light of feedback and further study.


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