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Feel free to check out some of the pictures that have been sent to the UPOC group Show Yourself Off. Any picture is welcome!!! Friends, Family, Pets, Stupid drivers, Silly kids etc. It's always nice to see who you are chatting with or see people doing stupid things. Please be aware some members have and will send pictures that are of a little on the pornographic side.

If I can get the picture to work here... I am thinking that twice a month, I will send a poll to the group naming the users that sent in pictures. If I can get the picture to work I will post it here at the web site for a week...

You can send your pictures to

Will do my best to keep track of the users and the number of photos that they send in and name them here at the site. Obviously the Member that sends in the most pictures will be first on the list. Giving that Member some exposure to other members at UPOC.

Top 3 Members For October 2004

1. Bigdktrkr
2. Fatty20
3. Tx_Sweetheart

This is Bgdktrkr
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