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05/30/03  shit, how i love the flaming lips.  really, i do love them so very much.  i was just listening to the soft bulletin and was suddenly moved even more than when i first purchased this cd at it's release in 1999 (?).  especially when i was listening to suddenly everything has changed and feeling yourself disintegrate.  seriously, their sound has evolved in perfect time with my changing musical taste in life.  i remember seeing them at the masquerade in atlanta- the first headphone concerts.  i turned in my driver's license and got a radio with headphones pre-tuned to an fm frequency.  enhanced sound- a memorable experience indeed.  and not to cheapen the moment, but i have always had a secret school-girl-type crush on wayne.  of course that came after i fell in love with the music- seriously.  countdown...13 days, or close to that?  my sanity is in question here.  not only am i completely unprepared for this trip (being far away for this long), but my job is fucking driving me crazy.  i know i have to go, but i'm not ready.  completely freaked out.            

05/24/03  this coming wednesday will mark only 2 weeks until my leave of absence to england.  i don't feel prepared, nor do i feel completely sure that i want to go.  a month is a long time to be away from your home and someone you love.  however, i was checking airfare to other cities in europe, and there are some great deals.  from london to:  copenhagen $183, paris $103, barcelona $147.  my mind is planning things.  whether i can follow thru is another story.  listen toswim by traening from copenhagen, denmark.  visit their website here

05/18/03  listen towater by dinosaur jr. from the green mind cd (lyrics here- scroll down a bit).  also thumb (here) and especially green mind (here).  takes me back atleast 10 years.  still relevant in so many ways.    

05/06/03  happy birthday mick!!!

05/02/03  lots of times i get in a rut.  lately i have been listening to the same music over and over.  tonite after a few (too many) drinks, i ran across a cd that i have not listened to in so long.  it's a bit heavier than what i usually listen to, but at the same time it's so very melodic.  so tonite i recommend that you listen to:  a cd by hum called downward is heavenward.  especially the first 3 songs.  the wall of sound will surely take you away from whatever you are struggling with.  

04/26/03  i had a haircut earlier today.  my hair feels fabulous and smells so great.  it's looking healthy and shiny.  what more could a girl who's lost and frustrated with everything in her life want?  too bad tomorrow when i fix my hair myself it'll be shit again, along with everything else.  it doesn't matter, because i'm going far away as soon as possible to somewhere where i can be anonymous and quiet and stress-free.  i'm going to...england.  a trip that is long overdue.  i need to shave my legs, my goodness. it's been a week!

04/21/03  quick post while on lunch.  today is our (me+ chris) 2 year anniversary.  too bad we are both working all day today.  neither of us will be home until after 10pm.  seems we don't get to see very much of eachother anymore!  listen to:  why i left home again by moloch.  it is my favorite of chris's songs.   

04/06/03  feeling a little out of touch with everything lately.  living in this town makes me feel like i am trapped in a cocoon of idiocy.  as if in a dream (nightmare), i'm trying to scream out to be rescued, but no sound comes from my straining throat.  i try and try, but i'm utterly helpless.   

04/05/03  daylight-saving time begins.  i just set most of the clocks ahead an hour.  also, it is cold out again after many days of warm weather.  i check with my geisha weather pixie regularly now that weather is unpredictable with season change.  last night we had springlike thunder-n-lightning storms, which ofcourse caused the leak to start up in the bedroom again.  we really need to get the roof repaired.  

03/17/03  i remember a year and a half ago when a new couple moved into the house across the street from us.  at the time i thought that we wouldn't like them at all.  they were about our age with a big huge snow white dog- a husky i think?  the dog was named rina (short for sabrina) and would lie in the front yard watching everyone and everything.  every night i would hear someone whistling loudly and calling out for the dog.  a bit later chris got to know them and found out that brian played drums.  they started collaborating on music together.  i met jesse (short for jessica) and really liked her.  unfortunately, chris and i are working all the time right now and never get a chance to talk to anyone anymore, so there have not been many opportunities for all of us to get together.  brian and jesse are getting married soon and have sent us an invitation to a beer-n-bbq celebration at the slow bar in downtown nashville, which will be the first time i've seen them in ages .  chris went over to their house to chat the other day and told me later that night that the dog (rina) had to be put to sleep because of a liver problem.  this happened weeks ago during the last snowstorm, and i can't believe that i drove by so many times and did not notice that rina was not watching me from their front lawn.  i can't believe that i did not notice that the late night whistling and calling had stopped.  brian told chris that she just went outside and layed in the snow and moaned.  hearing about it broke my heart.  she was 12 years old, and even though i only knew her for a little over a year, i feel a great loss.  she had to've been the sweetest dog i'd ever met (and i am partial to cats).  now when i drive by or look out the window, i am acutely aware that she is gone.  it's so sad. 

03/16/03  martha bell is our next door neighbor.  she is in her 70's i believe.  i don't know why i am thinking of her now, maybe because when i came back from england i told her that i would come over and share my pics with her.  that was nearly a year ago and i still have not made my way over to visit with her.  feeling guilty now.  anyway, i remember having a talk with her one evening last month about how springfield used to be- way back in the day.  it is so very interesting to talk with her, and i figure she has a few really amazing stories to tell.  she speaks with such a southern accent, but it's not one that sounds lazy and uneducated (which seems so prevelant these days).  she talks with southern sophistication.  not snobbery, just speaking with a different standard compared to today.  well, our homes are situated close together, and when she needed something she would stand outside her side door and holler across the yard for chris.  it is funny to remember times sitting in this office and suddenly hearing her calling, "chris!" over and over as loud as she could.  usually she needed help replacing a lightbulb, had some other small job for him, or just wanted to chat.  but lately she calls us on the phone when she needs something.  makes me wonder if she called out once recently and no one heard her to respond.  i just adore her.  she is a great lady, god bless her!  

03/15/03  very tired.  bartended at the restaurant with chris for a wedding party today.  between just the two of us, we made right at $700 in drinks.  all of this in just 2 hours.  head now hurting and i can't wind down.  may write a little more later if i can be bothered.  

03/09/03  itching to go back to england- but this time i want to go on from there to madrid, barcelona, paris, amsterdam, copenhagen, etc.  hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since i was there.  i need a vacation.  working way too much these days.  it would be nice to go to coachella to see interpol, sonic youth, stereo total, the white stripes, the von bondies, blur, ladytron, etc.  we may be planning a trip to montreal soon, not sure tho.  i seriously need to update my links, maybe i'll get time to do that soon.  listen to:  neither heaven nor space by nada surf.  i especially like the line about hearing ghost trains.  i miss living in the city.  i like their new cd.     

03/06/03  finally getting a quick chance to update again.  the trip to athens was really great, we had the best time.  met the drummer and singer for interpol in a diner called clocked located 4 doors down from the venue.  we chatted about taxis in big and small cities.  i found out that they were onstage at 11:30pm, then we said goodbye.  they were very nice people.  the show was so great.  after, we were desperate for food, but at 2am there was none to be found (and for some reason the foundry park inn has no snack machines).  may post pics in the near future, if i can be bothered.  

03/02/03  will write more later.  very tired after making the drive from athens back home today.  i was feeling ill from having a little bit too good a time last night.  luckily, chris drove most of the way.  too tired to write much now.  listen to:  birthday by blur because it's mine today.  lyrics here.

03/01/03  off to athens for the weekend.  listen to:  stella was a diver and she was always down by interpol (because i will be seeing them live tonite at the 40watt- yipee!)

02/22/03 10:30pm  holy crap.  i just looked out the window for the first time in about an hour and i see everything is covered in fucking snow- again.  it's been raining here for a week.  they reported in the news that in this area we have only seen a total of 35 minutes of sunshine this entire week.  it's been raining steadily for so many days now.  well, the temp dropped and it's snowing now which is annoying for travel tomorrow.  i'm so sick of this snowy weather.

02/22/03  last nite i went out with marcie and jessica to celebrate my upcoming birthday.  we all ditched our men for the night and went out to have a good time.  we went to the blackhorse pub.  some sleazy guy at the bar tried a pick-up line on me.  as i sat 2 empty chairs right from him with my jack+coke, i lit a cigarette and he said "oh, baby, you make me wanna smoke."  i said "you shouldn't want to do something that is going to kill you." and turned my back to him.  it was gross, don't want to remember it.  anyway, i'm so glad marcie drove, because i was certainly not able. i stumbled upon this site earlier and it described exactly how i felt being the only fully inebriated person in our group:  why is it that when you are drunk you assume either:  a) that everyone else is drunk  or b) that everyone else is sober and acutely aware that you are drunk.  marcie, this explains my sayings such as "if i can still sing the lyrics to this song without forgetting or slurring- i'm not drunk", and etc.  had a great time, but a bit hungover today. 

02/19/03  clarksville, which is a military town, is just west of us.  3 times now i have been stopped at the train tracks (located just down the street from our home) by passing trains transporting military jeeps, tanks, etc.  they are surely coming from there.  first i wished that i had my camera to capture it all, but then i simply sat there and tried to grasp what i was seeing pass in front of me.  it felt oddly eerie.  i felt fear and sadness.  the other afternoon one such train passed by the restaurant (which is named the depot because it used to be the old springfield station and so is situated right next to the tracks).  we all stood in the big front windows in silence watching it pass by.  things have changed.  listen to:  paper boats  by nada surf.  maybe i am just tired, maybe i'm a little drunk, but when i listened to this song for the first time tonite i was taken in by it.  the lyrics are so dead on for me right now, and it's just so mesmerizing.  i want to listen to it again now before i go to sleep.

02/16/03  chris had a dozen beautiful white roses delivered to my work friday for valentine's day.  i melted.  he made reservations at p.f. chang's (my favorite) for dinner saturday night.  that was smart, neither of us wanted to fight the valentine's crowds or the rain friday night.  it was so nice to have dinner together.  with our crazy work schedules, we never see eachother anymore.  it was very romantic.  for my birthday we are going to athens, georgia to see interpol at the 40watt march 1.  no one will be able to reach us.  we won't tell anyone we work with where we are going, just that we will be out of town.  it will be nice to get far away from everything to be alone together.  listen to:  this mess we're in by pj harvey w/ thom yorke.  not because i like it so very much, but this was the song i had just finished listening to when i met chris for the first time.  oh, the memories....

02/09/03  well, next week starts another week of 14+ hour work days, ready or not.  took the night off last night and went to bed early at 10:30pm.  off today as well.  this cold is kicking my ass, i can't get enough sleep and i am only eating one meal a day these days.  the pants that i bought 2 weekends ago don't fit now because i've lost more weight (couldn't be a bad thing, eh?).  chris and i did go out to eat for lunch today in rivergate.  we went to applebee's- sorta checking out the competition since one just opened in town.  anyway, when we left there around 2pm we were tickled to see the snow flurries.  we came home, i took a long shower, and by the time i was finished, there was a significant accumulation of snow.  now, at nearly 10pm, it is still snowing and there is about 4 inches of snow atleast.  we had no idea it was coming!  and honestly, i am so sick of snow.  we have had an enormous amount of it this winter.  at first it was pretty, being from birmingham i've never seen so much snow.  i still enjoy going outside and hearing the blanket of silence it creates.  everything just slows down and a calmness takes over.  but i know that i will have to get out and drive to work in it in the morning, which is difficult and gives me a headache.  listen to:  travelling at the speed of snow by the secret hairdresser.  

01/24/03  it was a long day at the bank, but finally a night off.  chris finally broke down and took the night off as well, but we are both so tired that we are just zoned out and not able to communicate or really consider this as time spent together.  we've both got to slow down a bit.  i think tomorrow we will go see a movie together.  i want to see max.  it has john cusack and noah taylor in it.  it is a movie about hitler and poses the question of whether hitler would have turned to such violent politics if his artistic efforts had been supported and accepted.  i think it's going to be a great movie, but it had a limited release in the country late last month and i have yet to come across a date that it may be playing anywere around here.  the freezing temps may keep us indoors anyway.  yesterday the high was 9F here and was below freezing overnight last night.  we got about 2 more inches snow wednesday night and none of it is melting away, although the main roads are fairly clear due to being travelled on so much.  i am sick of snow and i am so very ready for spring. 

01/22/03  it is snowing here again.  i guess i will wake up in the morning to see how much we get this time.  last week's snow was still lingering a bit.  working at the restaurant was very hard tonite- that is putting it lightly.  i hope i can stick with it a little while longer, but having 2 jobs is wearing me down.  chris and i never see eachother anymore.  he is putting in 12-14hr days at the restaurant, and even though we are both working there at night, we are too busy to really even say hello.  i miss him terribly and i am not sure that i like the way things are going, or that i can find an effective way of coping.   

01/16/03  what a strange day today has been.  we've got atleast 6 inches of snow and it is so pretty.  it's been snowing non-stop since 8am.  i'm going to bundle up and get out with my camera in a little bit.  i haven't seen snow like this since 1993- 10 years ago!  ofcourse, if i was still living in birmingham i wouldn't be seeing this, as it is only raining down there today.  the bank where i work closed at 10:30 this morning and even though i only live about 3 minutes from there, it was still a terrible drive home with me sliding all over the road.  earlier i watched the news reporting that people have been stranded for hours on the interstates down in nashville.  i'm glad to be home safe and warm with my bourbon-in-coke and some sigur ros on the stereo. 

01/14/03  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!!!  my little brother turns 22 today!

01/13/03  i've changed some of the pics to the right side of this page.  and now you can click them to see a larger and clearer image!  wowee!  i'm gonna update my links at some point as well, but probly not for a few more days or something.  i also want to get a new guestbook cause the one i have is really crappy.  listen to:  verse, chorus, miaoow by the secret hairdresser.  be careful with this one, after a few listens you will find yourself miaoowing uncontrollably.  just take a deep breath and try to remember that in reality you are not a cat.  it will be hard, but you can overcome it.  to have a listen go here.  i also recommend riverside 2 which is my all-time favorite TSH song.

01/12/03  chris and i went into the 'hip' area of nashville today called hillsboro village.  it's strange to see punker kids in the town known as 'country music city usa'.  oh, how i hate country music!  but let's not get into that...anyway, even in this 'hip' part of the city, it's not as good as home.  i miss little 5 points and the highland southside.  i miss psycho mike with his bike at the fountain and hot summer nights on the patio at zydeco.  not to mention hardwood floors, red wine and long distance phone calls.  ok, i'm rambling... still, we had a good time together downtown looking at some antiques and art.  they have a great used books store, but we didn't stop in there this time.  it was very cold today- 32F, and it was windy.  still lots of college kids were lined up on the street and around the corner to get into the pancake pantry.  i realized that i'm actually turning 27 soon which made me kinda sour.  chris bought a pretty silver shaker for martinis.  listen tohands away by interpol.  yes i like the cd, leave me alone about it.

01/11/03  i took some time to read thru all the crap i have posted here in the past and found an entry that summed up my feelings for today.  so, compelled by sheer laziness, i've copied and pasted that post here for your enjoyment (or whatever):  6/20/02  after such an awkwardly socially active  vacation, i am home now and realizing just how reclusive my life is here in hickville, usa.  lately (97% of the time) i like not dealing with people, but i think that is largely because there are no like-minded people to me here.  it seems such a chore trying to communicate.  i'm told i am weird.  my ability to be tolerant of the idiot majority has depleted.  i miss the culturalized city life.  i think this place is making me increasingly socially retarded.  seriously.  listen to:  nationale 7, exakt neutral, and ypsilon by stereo total.  

01/10/03  i am addicted to burt's bees products.  the rosemary mint shampoo bar is crisp and refreshing in the early morning.  the rum exfoliating soap followed by the apricot baby oil or buttermilk lotion is wonderful for dry winter legs.  the carrot day cream feels divine on my face.  but, i especially love the hand salve.  it smells so minty fresh.  it has made my hands oh-so-soft, and for some reason i just really like how the word 'salve' sounds.  listen to:  blue anglia by cessna.  reminds me of spring (which i wish would hurry up and get here).  

12/25/02  christmas is here!  listen toxmas with simon by the fall from the shift-work cd (because it's what chris is listening to-uh). 

12/13/02  oh yeah, it's friday the 13th.  and happy birthday marcie pinson (21) and matt harris (25). 

10/23/02  right now i am in that overanalytical place again- that sad, dysfunctional and emotionally crippling place where everything past and present is a lame joke.  i feel a deep depression looming.  doesn't help listening to duster's stratosphere and ride's nowhere on heavy rotation lately.  anyway, might not be updating much (if you haven't figured it out already).  bleh.   

09/06/02  chris is finally getting his passport and we are planning to do a trip of europe by rail in the spring.  i'm dreaming about it already.  also.....just when you thought it would never actually happen......the cambridge pics are finally up (3 months after returning).  so >>>>GO HERE<<<<

09/02/02  i am still searching for the ultimate stress-buster.  herbal tea?  aromatherapy massage?  hot bath with soothing salts?  a glass of warm milk before bed?  killing all the annoying people that surround me?  seems the latter would be most effective (sarcastically speaking, mind you). 

08/29/02  tonight we went to the robertson county fair.  we saw things such as rednecks and cowboys, unusually small ponies, goats pulling sleeping pig's tails, small town punk rock kids, and little boys with mullet haircuts wearing muscle tees and boots riding mini tractors.  they had the same carnies as last year.  we rode the zipper very first thing and weren't sure if we were still alive when the ride stopped.  it was a strange experience, and i took pictures.   also, i am working on getting the cambridge photos up.  i've used more space than i am supposed to on this geocities site, so i've gotta work something new out.  anyone who knows me knows how computer illiterate i am.  eventually i will get something going tho, at which point i promise i will email everyone about the update.  chris and i are going to atlanta this labor day weekend.  we'll hit little 5 points for criminal records, junkman's daughter, etc.  we'll eat at maggiano's for the most delish lasagne on the planet, then retreat to our posh hotel room at the crowne plaza in buckhead to relax in style.  i'll try to take some pics and update the atlanta page in the photoarchives.  listen to:  daylight by coldplay from the new cd.  don't ask me what the rest of the cd is like cos i don't know.  this song grabbed me for some reason and has been on repeat in my car cd player.  i'm sure i'll listen to the rest of the songs sometime.     

08/22/02  thanks for your encouragement jeff!!  i love you!!  here is the picture that won the calendar contest:


08/20/02  the strokes have a new video for someday on where they are hanging out in a bar with slash and playing family feud against one of my faves, guided by voices.  yes, their cd is good, catchy.  i'll bet they are good live, although i've missed 3 opportunities to see them- twice here in nashville, and another time back home in birmingham (missing that one ultimately ended a friendship of 9 years).  trying to stay busy doing anything these days so that i don't go fucking nuts thinking about how much i hate living here.  eventually desperate measures will be taken to preserve what little sanity i (think) i have left.  until then, the struggle continues...      

08/18/02  finally bought the new gorky's zygotic mynci cd.  today was a shit day, but dead-aid makes me feel so much like i want to cry.  gorky's represents love to me, and on a seemingly loveless day like today, it makes me feel maybe a little emotionally unstable. 

8/13/02  happy birthday, christopher.  my thin genius turns 33.

8/10/02  while i was lying on the stretcher in the surgical waiting room of the hospital, with an iv stuck in the top of my right hand and wearing one of those oh-so-stylish hospital gowns, i nervously watched the clock for time to go into the little room for my test.  just before they let the drugs loose (i felt so warm, fuzzy, then was out in just under 10 seconds), i swore i heard just like heaven by the cure.  when i woke up, still a bit drowsy, i realized that i wasn't crazy, i hadn't dreamt it, it was on the 80's station which was playing on the little radio they had in the testing room.  

8/05/02  what's my favorite way to spend time these days, you ask?  i look at the mirror project, and i look at the websites of those who have submitted photos.  they are so great, a real look at the world.  and since most of them are into photography, they have galleries to view, which inspire in me the most intense longing to travel.  so many places that i want to see.  and i am going to, really i am. 

8/01/02  i had a dream last night that madonna gave me a haircut.  while she was doing it i was so overjoyed because i knew it would be so fabulous.  i mean, it's madonna for fucksake.  i wasn't allowed to see the work in progress, only the finished product.  finally, when it was complete, i was given a mirror and wisked around in the swivelling hairdresser's chair to view, and much to my horror- it was hideous!  i looked at her and venomously exclaimed that i never dreamed such an inventive, chameleonic, ahead of the so-called-fashion-trend superstar could do such a thing.  she insisted it was going to be all the rage.  then i woke up feeling depressed.   watch:  amelie.  this movie, which is french with subtitles, is tres magnifique!  i fell in love with the characters, hopeless romantic that i am, and was sucked into this so cleverly written script.  i must deem the title of 'all time favorite' on this one, although donnie darko is a great movie as well.  i don't really watch a lot of movies, and i don't think i've ever really had a favorite (one that grabbed me so much that i couldn't let it go), but i've watched this one 3 or 4 times this week (i've lost count), and it has held my interest every single time.  i notice something new each time i watch.  there is so much to love, but i especially love the role that the garden knome plays.  it's a love story without all the needless mushy crapola.  excellent!    

7/31/02  weezer show was last nite.  we went specifically to see the special goodness and the strokes.  the strokes cancelled, which was a bit annoying at first, but we thoroughly enjoyed the special goodness, who were the first band on the side stage.  despite difficulties such as incompetent sound crew- falling drum mics, low vocals, deafening feedback- and the tiniest stage i've ever seen, they kept a positive attitude.  what irked me was overheard conversations in which overexcited weezer fans questioned whether tsg was a local band, if they were just fictitious, or just exclaimed 'who?' at the mention of them.  seemed to me that most weezer fans would know what their drummer is up to on the side?  but then again, i stop to consider my locale.  this place isn't where i plan to be too long.  i thought growing up in metro birmingham was bad, but after the realization of how closed minded and culturally handicapped people are here, i long to go back home.  anyway, in the end i left satisfied having seen the goodness guys, because i don't know when or if i'll have that opportunity again.  i do hope to see them sometime when the sound is proper, the crowd is educated on what they are about, and more songs can be played.  compliments to drummer atom whose enthusiasm and infectious smile wowed even the toughest of critics- chris.  i'm completely amazed.  pat's eyes were closed, so maybe he didn't much notice the lame crowd he was playing to.  we did stay for weezer, but left before the encore.  if you like a power setlist ('just the hits please'), pyrotechnics, and other glamor stuff, this show was for you.  i personally liked earlier shows when they didn't have all this flashy crap and could be caught playing b-sides like susanne or i just threw out the love of my dreams.  i'm guessing those days are long gone.  weezer doesn't exactly do it for me, but the special goodness fills the void very fine. 

07/30/02  listen to:  yellow camaro by weezer.  don't know what it is exactly, but this song rocks (go brian).  weezer is on tonite in nashville with the special goodness and the strokes.  right on.  

07/26/02  i've been having those dreams about being in the glass airplane again.  this is really scary for me, because it deals with my ever-growing fear of heights.  what i find so interesting, is that when i am actually in an airplane, it doesn't frighten me to look out the window at the earth thousands of feet below.  it's really fascinating to look at things from such a height.  but in reality i'm scared to stand close to a floor-to-ceiling window on the 5th floor of a building for fear i'll fall thru the glass and plummet to my death.  how ridiculous is that?  and even more ridiculous is my recent contemplation of people and events in my past.  what does it all mean??  it's really getting to me.  listen to:  while my guitar gently weeps by the beatles.  over many years, this song has come to mean so many many things.  sentimentality is one of my biggest weaknesses, dammit.    

07/22/02  listen to:  greatest disappointment of the year by the stars of aviation.   

07/19/02  oh, yea, 'tis finally friday.  and i have saturday off.  but alas, i must travel home to birmingham for the weekend.  but i am not alone, good boyfriend chris will accompany me this time and we will have loads of fun singing and playing silly games in the car and eating at the waffle house.  if i can tolerate today, blissful fun will be had tomorrow.  listen to:  are you a hypnotist?? by the flaming lips.  he sings 'i have forgiven you for tricking me, but i have been tricked again into forgiving you- what is this?? are you some kind of hypnotist?'  hmm...hits home.      

07/18/02  i have a huge bruise the size of a tennis ball on the inside of my right arm where it bends.  when i went to the doctor 2 days ago and they drew blood, the nurse stuck me once and didn't get any flow.  she proceeded to pull it out about half way, swim it around a bit until she finally got some blood going.  now i look like a drug addict who has abused one particular vein in my arm way too many times.  it's very colorful, bright purple surrounded by many hues of blue, green, and brown.  it would make a nice abstract painting (maybe i'll polaroid it and do that) but it fucking hurts.  enough complaining.  listen to:  didn't have a clue by the special goodness (who will rock out at the weezer/ strokes show july 30 in nashville- yea!)  ps- i know i have promised pictures from my holiday, but please be patient.  there are over 200 for me to narrow down, then i have to scan them all and build a new page(s), and plus i have to find the motivation to do all this crap.  one of these days i will do it, really!     

07/11/02  nothing much to say today.  FEEL BETTER, MICK!!!  watch:  cq- a film by roman coppola.  it's alright, humorous in so many ways, and it's in theatres now.  listen to:  one more robot/sympathy 3000-21 by the flaming lips.  this song, along with in the morning of the magicians, makes my day complete.  this cd (yoshimi battles the pink robots) is darn good, i must say.  

07/05/02  what a shit day.  in fact, what a shit week.  oh, well.  sitting here listening to verbena's souls for sale cd.  i guess i love them because they are from my hometown birmingham, alabama.  although, i don't like their music these days.  i admit, i really miss those shallow days.  all you b'hamians know exactly what i mean.

07/04/02  independence day.  listen to:  le enfer des formes by stereolab.  perfect song, and one of my favorites for years.  go here to read the lyrics (don't worry, it's translated from french to english)   

06/27/02  chris has made a sign like a bumpersticker for the window of his truck to promote his website.  it reads 'country music causes cancer'.  listen to:  bang by yeah yeah yeahs.  very catchy indeed.  the singer's voice grabs me straight away.

06/26/02  thank you, international megastar, for what you wrote about my polaroid still life of roses featured on the cover of moloch's latest repeatertracks cd 'built in dust'.  no one else has noticed the mysterious beam illuminating to the right of the vase... it is nice that someone pays attention to detail.  listen to:  k-half noise by mum (pron. moom).  thanks to the mighty bro-sis duo tasha and jason baldock (of animal planet), i saw this group in london at dingwall's, camden town, london (where i also saw a poster for an upcoming show by br-549 of all bands).  before returning to the states, i bought this cd (called finally we are no one) in a big cambridge record store called hmv.  now, when i put this cd on and cover my eyes to make everything completely dark, i am transported back to this show and the warm (it was really damn hot in that venue), but  refreshing feeling i got from the sounds that were surrounding me while there.  lovely.

06/25/02  dreams of outrageuosly priced white knit handbags sold on the street, places that are not what i know them to be and people walking fast and purposefully in the direction against me.  it makes me irritated and nervous- and i'm shopping, which is something that i detest in real life.  it must be this head cold i've been struggling to keep down since i got back from holiday.  listen to:  main offender by the hives.  they're ok, but when he screams 'WHY me', his high pitch yelp reminds me of an old song someone told me about called psycho by the sonics (?- hope i got that right).  anyway, this song's good.  maybe i'll check out their cd.  then again, probly not.  

06/24/02  i've been having strange dreams of people that i love being killed in front of me.  it's been a while since i have been having such seemingly real dreams.  these ones in particular have disturbed me a little bit.  i keep intending to write these dreams in a journal, but when i finally decide to follow thru with doing it, they stop abruptly.  i'm so curious where this spell of vivid dreams will go.  listen to:   bicycle thieves by saloon.  i have only heard this one song by them, but i like it. 

6/21/02  it's summer, officially.  and what could be more summery than a new short haircut, 95 degree weather and a car air conditioner that is on strike?  how about not getting paid for earned vacation time?  i thought my brain was hemorrhaging when i saw that my paycheck was only $39.72 today!  seems that the folks in payroll had taken a vacation of the brain and, oops!-- forgot to pay me.  luckily, all is fixed.  and with a few extra drinks to calm my nerves after an especially eventful day, i'm ready for whatever summer has to bring.  listen to:  shallow and salt by catherine wheel.  these songs are from the one and the only good cd this band ever produced (titled ferment), before they went all heavy metal rock- bleh.  this whole cd reminds me of young days and summer and love.  excellent.

6/20/02  after such an awkwardly socially active  vacation, i am home now and realizing just how reclusive my life is here in hickville, usa.  lately (97% of the time) i like not dealing with people, but i think that is largely because there are no like-minded people to me here.  it seems such a chore trying to communicate.  i'm told i am weird.  my ability to be tolerant of the idiot majority has depleted.  i miss the culturalized city life.  i think this place is making me increasingly socially retarded.  seriously.  listen to:  ana by the pixies.  it's just so watery- go with it.  hell, just listen to the whole bossanova cd.  can't go wrong, really.   

6/19/02  they are showing these travel ads on tv incessantly for britain.  they are clever and the cinematography is enticing.  this advert is designed to make you want to jump into a big, smelly, claustrophobia inducing pressurized tube with wings and bolt your way overseas to the land of tea and biscuits and whitty humoristic fun.  "let's dance in trafalgar square!  let's meet tony blair!" (who makes a breif appearnace at the end of the ad simply saying "welcome.")  what a load of crap!!  but sadly, it actually does make me want to go back immediately.  another victim of targeted advertising.  shit, i'm just another number in a statistic!  listen to:   the incredible he woman by stereolab.  genius.  period.      

6/18/02  weezer is coming back to nashville, this time at a different venue.  who gives a shit?  i could care less about weezer these days.  don't get me started on how much they blow now.  but the fact that the special goodness will be one of the opening acts, along with the strokes, was enough to go ahead and buy the tickets.  we'll see how it goes.  and hey know who you are...stop writing me asking me to dedicate songs.  i don't do that anymore.  leave me alone or i'll have to block messages from you to my email (just like last time).  i still love you, though, so leave me alone before my feelings change.  listen to:  park the car by the side of the road  by the swirlies.  i never get tired of it.  if you know me well, you know this has been a favorite of mine since like high school- nearly 10 years now.  i also associate this cd (blondertongueaudiobaton) with early travels:  i bought the cd when i took my first trip to chicago in 1993, and then managed to lose it somehow (eh-hem) on my first trip to england in 2001.  for me- a classic indeed. 

6/17/02  screw the old page.  something about it was starting to irritate me.  maybe it was the martha stewart green background color?  anyway, here is the new and improved page- woohoo.  i know it's lovely.  i'm going for that minimalistic style with a shot of, well, nothing else to dress it up.  maybe i'll have a few more creative ideas in the near future, but for now this will have to do.  you can send all your (positive) comments to my email here, thankyouverymuch.  soon i will have pictures from my recent 2 week trip to cambridge, england up for viewing.  thanks to everyone who made my trip so worth it.  Y'ALL know who you are.  WORD.  listen to: 8 track by fonda 500.  if you can count to atleast 10 and like "woo-woo"s in your songs, this one's for you.  it's great driving music, so bob your head and sing along unabashedly.  don't worry about the people on the street staring at you-  they'll never know your bliss.





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