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Important People in my life

There are many important people in my life but here is a shot list of just a few:
Matt Lincoln-My Fiancee and best friend, He is always there for me no matter what. We have been together for over 5 wonderful years that I would never trade for anything.
Marisa Fusinski- My best friend and maid of honor. she is a person that I can tell anything and have no worries about being judged or shamed.  I love you "mom"
Doug and Sue Sano - My parents yes my parents without them I would have made many mistakes in my life and would never have even been showed the love that they have showed me, they have given up everything so that I can have a good and happy life. Thank you
and Last but not and never will be least
Rose Johnson
-My grandmother (my moms mom) she has showed me more than love but life lessons..she has showed me how it is to care and to support.  Without my grandmothers influence I would have missed out on alot in life.
Pics of Matt and Me
All About Me...

I am a 03 graduate from
michigan state university.  I am a zookeeper at potter park zoo in lansing michigan.

Otis the pimp
I was a member of the spartan marching band where I am what is called a Big Ten.  No I am NOT a memberof the color guard. I carried the northwestern flag, penn state and the inidana flag when I was in the band.
Because of the marching band I was allowed to become a member of the national band sorority Tau Beta Sigma. There are a ton of pictures of me on that website.. that is if you want to take the time to see them. I can't believe all the wonderful friends I have made in TBS I am so glad that I could meet all of them. Wow your still reading.. you must be impressed of have a huge attention span=) Ok just a few more things about me. I am a HUGE coaster freak. I love cedar point with my wholeheart it is the best place in the world. To date I have only been toCedar Point, Kennywood, Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland, Bush Gardens,Islands of Adventure, Six Flags Ohio (oh what ever its name is this year),and Michigan's Adventure. My fiancee and I are some day going to take an american coaster tour but that will be when we have both the time and the money. I am also an hopeless romantic with a soft spot for guys that can cry. I enjoy and love anything medieval from the clothes to the architecture. Ok well that is all i'm going to say about myself now if you would like to talk to me in person you can im me on aol imwith cplove  or heck just use plain old e-mail.   Catch you later.

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