Clothing Downloads for Petz 3

Clothing Downloads for Petz 3

I don't fully have all of the bugs out of my hexing yet, but here are some downloads I picked up for my petz 3 program, all over the net. (Don't worry- they're virus-free.) If you came up with these, just tell me and I will give you full credit as well as a link to your site.

P.S. Put your mouse over the pic for a message from my modelz!

Here are some great outfits! (to download, click the pic)

For the ladies' dressy parties:

Aren't I beautiful?

  • a diamond ring
    (might be hard to see, but its there)
  • a blue sequined dress
    (looks like plaid pants in the clothes closet)
  • blue hairclips
    (look like devil horns in the clothes closet)
    (again, might be hard to see in the pic)
  • blue sequined socks
    (show up as white socks in the clothes closet)
  • a blue sequined hat
    (looks like a wedding tiara in the closet)
  • all the pattern files needed for it to show up- just put them in the Resource\Clothes folder

    For that ski trip they've been planning:

    Time for hot chocolate!


    (all of these show up correctly in the clothes closet)

  • A nice woolen sweater

  • Warm white snow pants

  • A knit cap

    When its time for bed:



    (These all show up fine in the clothes closet)

  • Ducky PJ shirt

  • Ducky PJ bottoms