My Real Pets

Not like anybody really cares about my real pets, but if anyone does, here goes lol =+)

Hey everybody!! I'm Smokey! Hugs and Squints were very jealous that I got to host this page, but Meg explained to them that they got the rest of the site, but this part of the site is reserved for REAL cats, dogs, and other animals that belong to Meg's mini-menagerie. So, here on this page you can find out my story, as well as Patty's Snuggles's, and Peanut Butter and Jelly's.

Meg found me, all alone, when I was 5 weeks old, and adopted me. I was cold, and had mites, fleas, you name it =+(. Meg took me to the vet, and took care of me, so I am happy now, and I have made friends with Patty. She keeps me company. If anyone else has a cute pet story and/or pic, send them to Meg, and she'll read them to me, and maybe even post them on the site!

Hi! I'm Meg's dog, Patty!! I look really old here, but I'm only 8 in human years. I'm best friends with Smokey, and my "boyfriend" since I was a pup, Bud. He's the neighbor's 9 year old golden retriever, and he gets walked by my house every day.... ;) Meg bought me from a breeder, because Soft Coated Wheatens aren't too easy to find. Well, PB&J want a turn... see ya later!!

Hi!! This is a picture of Jelly, but we're identical twins, so we both look like this. We are Jirds! Meg's sister MK bought us at a local pet store after her hamster died =(. We have this uncomfortble feeling that Smokey wants us for dinner... but Patty protects us. Well, see yas later Bye! Bye!