Catz Shows


Okay, everybody, I'm here. I was pretty upset *sniff* about the one show contestant... but Meg managed to convince me to host this show once 3 petz signed up. Come on, everyone, the New Year is here!! and a new show is up, so send in your photos!!

If you want to express your opinion on the showz, vote! Look right before the list of contestants for a chance to express your opinion!!


If you want to be part of one of my catz shows, please E-mail me a photo of your catz,
(only 1 entry per contest please!) as well as the following information:

Catz name:
Show name (if any):
Breed (mixes are ok):
and a brief description of the catz and photo:

For this show, all clothing is allowed. For a few showz, I had to turn down so many beautiful
catz because they were just standing there! Please, dress
them up and have some fun with the pic, because thats what I'm
judging on, not looks!

The theme for this show is "Obedience School's out!! It's a Snow Day!!"

Show your catz all bundld up and warm, romping in the snow, and send them in!!!

So far I have 1/10 entries...

They are all got together to have a snowball fight, but they first had some minor you'll be able to see!! :)

Name(s): Marcel,Your Majesty, and Whiyinyeyaya
Show name: The Jingles
Marcel+Whiyinyeyaya: Mixed
Your Majesty: Siamese
Marcel: Male
Your Majesty+Whiyinyeyaya: Female