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The House Of Romance
as fairies come out of
their bowers
their only protection are
the flowers
for humans come with more
to seek
they just can't wait to take
a peek

just sit and wait it won't be late
the fairies have come and
some will go
but don' waist your time
looking high and low

if you are smart then be
very wise
don't go with those who
chose to spy
I'm sure if you were a fairy  too
you would not like someone
spying on you
so, whatever you do,
do the right thing
for you may end up in
a fairy ring
believe in the fairies
that make dreams come true
believe in the wonder
the stars and the moon

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day dreaming
for your smile
I'd walk for miles
for your touch
I'd give you so much
for your kiss
I'd give you sheer bliss
for your hand
I will always understand
for your love
I'd give all you can conceive of