Lian-yun-gang (), my hometown

    The name of my hometown literally means "a port linked with clouds". It is located roughly between Beijing and Shanghai on the coast of China.

Maps of downtown and the port


Tourist attractions

    The mountain named after Confucius. Historical records show that Confucius studied how to run government at this mountain in the year of BC 525. He is said to choose this mountain because of its ocean view. The cliffs of this mountain contain my sculptures and calligraphy. Now days, this mountain is about 30-40 kilometers from the sea.

    The mountain which the renowned classic Chinese novel "Journey to the west" is based on. Written by Wu Ch'eng-en(1500?-1582), "Journey to the west" has brought us the legend of the Monkey King. Wu lived at an area near this mountain and used the names of many places around his hometown in his novel.

        Neolithic etches on a mountain cliff near Lian-yun-gang.



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