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Pikachu welcomes you to Mitsu's Land!
(I'm SOOOO asian... aren't i?)

There HAPPY?! I changed it! (Click to see full pic! hehe...)

I'm SOOOO smart! I finally figured all this HTML crap out! What? Who cares if hundreds of you did it before me?! I'm still the bestest! and smartest!!! MWAhAHAHHAHA HAHAHA!!! j/k...=)Have fun checking out my page, and ^_^HAVE A NICE DAY!!! Oh yeah, and when you're looking through the page and thinking to yourself "wow this is horrible" just remember this is my first time using html, and i just learned it this morning (starting at about 1:30am) and have only worked on it for about 3 1/2 hours)

-MiTsu hoNGitSu 8/12/00

i don't wanna change this site that much cuz locked within all this aZn-nEsS are memories and feelings i never wanna forget, but hopefully stuff will start happening here again :) start signing my guestbook!!!now to start relearning html... 10.17.03

NEW!!! hC 2000 pIx!!! GO GO GO!

PoEm of the WeEk (oR month... or yeaR)

To my friend, with fooD

There once live a boy name nafens,
he was a perfect little man
and whenever somebody asked him for something
he always replied "I'll do what i can"

but naFens himself,
was never content,
with his manly good looks,
that his father had lent. (hehe your daddy's good-lookin')

he also did not like,
the fact that he didn't have a wife
or that he didnt know
the meaning of life.

so this boy nafens,
as you can see,
was actually not,
truly, madly, deeply happy (sorry savage garden ^_^).

but as you know,
nobody is perfect,
and nafens was,
but close as one could expect.

and in the end,
all i can say...

In loving memory of Nathan "I'm a Lemur" Lee (Sorry bro, I don't know your middle name...), brother to many, friend to all... We love you Nafens...
what? what do you mean he's not dead? oh crudmonkeys... well we Love you anyways boieeee!!! hehe =)

This is what will happen to you... if you leave without exploring a little first =)

This may look familiar to the ppl that talk to me on AIM (not many do *sniff*)
Run Kitty! RUN!




"Haha, only one person in a million would find that funny!"

"Yes, that's what we call the Dennis Miller ratio."

-The Simpsons

"The things you own end up owning you..."

-Tyler Durgam, Fight Club

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

-Phil. 4:13

When it comes to humility I'm the greatest!

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