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Sno and me, Halloween 2000.
We went out dressed in matching outfits,

I imagine it would be best if I started this page with a little about myself. I am a 48 year old male. I am also a gifted artist.
Most importantly, as far as this page is concerned,
I am a cross dresser.

A little background on myself

I am the oldest of three sons, so the only female influence was my mother. No, she didn't dress me as a girl until the first day of kindergarten. However there was a Halloween when I was four. Nor did she moan about not having a daughter. I have always been enamored with all things female.

My mother was a regional distributor of an upscale cosmetics line. Our family room was stocked with a dozen floor to ceiling shelves of powders, creams, perfumes, foundations and the like. I used to sit off on the sidelines as parades of drab housewives would be transformed into ladies of style and elegance. Oh how I longed to be one of them. I knew my desires would not be met with any less than disgust and revulsion, so I kept those desires bottled up inside my nine year old psyche. When my urges finally got the best of me, I swiped a tube of lipstick and modeled in the bathroom. Yes! This was good, this was right. Over the course of a few years my cosmetic bag grew with my desire. I knew society told me I was wrong... but how could anything that felt so very right, be wrong? I loved the smell of foundation, the vivid hues on my eyelids and the deliciously heavy feel of lip rouge on my lips. This continued until well into my 14th year when the rages of testosterone robbed me of the androgenous appearance most children share. With it came the bain of all crossdressers...THE PURGE!. It is what people do when they either get disgusted or scared. Dumping anything that has to do with their "problem". I'm sure you know what I mean, everyone purges. It is like what I say about my smoking habit,"Quitting is easy.... I've done it dozens of times!". I found myself always being drawn back. Back to my feminine side.

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