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I dedicate this webpage to my two children, Grant and Melanie Chapman. May they always be aware of their heritage and may they always know that they are loved...



The city I grew up in.
Cemetary where
my parents, grandparents
and my brother Klaus is
      Wuerzburg, Germany.
The city of my birth
        Festung Castle, Wuerzburg.
      The destination of many field
  trips taken as a child.
Wallfahrt Church. Overlooking
the Main River
My brother Klaus got
married there.

      Castle in Wuerzburg.

        Klaus and Helga lived there.
      Dettelbach, Germany
Pegasus (A horse with wings)is in stoneart.
I was surrounded by incredible
beauty every day. Lots of fun
Great place to visit.
Castle Marienberg in Wuerzburg.
I liked visiting the museums and eat at the restaurants.
Great place to visit when you are visiting Germany.
Pavillion in Rokoko park in Veitshoechheim.
Favorite theater stage for my childhood dreams.
Very scenic, beautiful art and huge trees.
One of the many stone gates leading up to
the castle Marienberg

"Do not harbor regrets, but learn from your missteps. Stay focused and keep moving forward even if you take a detour along the way and you will accomplish all that you set out to do."

Pamela Moran Dashiell,
Legal counsel to the Attorney General of the Common Wealth of Massachusett.

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