Hello. Thanks for coming to our site.
        Well, we are Honyock. Or I should say we were but I'll get to that later. This band started  in about November of '96.We are based out of Modesto, CA.Oh, and when I say "we" I mean ..
MARK CHIN on guitar and vocals..KYLE WALLER on bass and vocals.. KEVIN MINNE on guitar.....  and CARSON GRUBAUGH on drums. So yeah that's the line up. We all went to the same church and all had just started playing our instruments..with the exception of Mark. We got together and just started writing music, nothing that fancy.
         For a while we would just play our newest song at our church (yes, we're a Christian band) on Sunday mornings, cause our youth group was cool and had cool music to open up. So we did that for a while. Then thanks to another band out of our church (a cool band called Prosper) we got our first gig. We sucked but people seemed to like us.
        After that Prosper hooked us up with a few more gigs and then we started to  get them on our own. This went on for about 2 and a half years.We would like to thank all the folks over at Lava Java (r.i.p.) for hooking us up with sooo many gigs and for always providing a killer crowd. Then unfortunately at the end of those 2 and a half years we graduated high school, all of us but Kyle. Mark and Kevin were headed off to college in southern California so the band had to split. Luckily before we parted we were able to spend the summer cutting a cd.
        So Mark and Kevin took off, Kyle stayed and finished his  last year of high school, and Carson just stayed in town and worked to save money for school. It's been a bummer of a year not being able to play together. We hope  some time in the future to be able to get back together and have a good run at trying to  get signed, or just go and play a bunch of shows and have fun spreading the word of our Lord Jesus Christ.But for now we are split. The cd's are still available through this web site in the
merchandise section.
        Also, please forgive us for the lame nature of this site cause Carson is making it and he has no clue what he is doing ha ! Anyways, thanks for checking us out!! Hope u enjoy your look and listen!!