These are all older pics from some of our first concerts. After a while mom and dad no longer had to drive us to our shows ( thank goodness)
but it meant no one to take pics so you get all the old ones!! Enjoy.

Kevin strummin away.

Carson banging away.

Kyle slapping away. Oh, these first three pics were from a show we did with this really cool Tooth and Nail band, Slickshoes. They are the biggest band we have played with to date.

Our very first show!!! Man, I look back and dread that we actually played the songs we did on that day !! arrghh !!

Same show.

Fun at the Grubaugh residence. This was our practice house cause they have a tight soundproof music room.

A couple of shots from the studio during the recording of our album! Man was that good times!

And this fella here is Carson's dad, Mr. Greg Grubaugh. He taught Mark and Kevin all of what they know. Well sort of. But he was sort of the dad for the whole band and also he provided us with our name. He would always say things like.. " Hey you Honyock get over here" and "Hey you Honyocks quiet down!!" Things like that, so when we went to choose a name, Honyock just seemed a natural choice!

Oh, and we think the Grubaugh family lived near powerlines when they were in Sacramento. And Greg is a paint salesman , so who knows what kind of paint chips were around in the early years. ha ha ha !!!