Essence Sangfiam comes from a family of Gypsies circus performers who are more bound to their emotions and the wind, then to the land and possessions that seem to draw most people. Esse searches for challenges to nourish her dynamic spirit. Recently become Ulfric of her Pack and owns Dark Desires, a preternatural Night Club in New Orleans. 

One vital detail is that several members of her family and Essence are Lukoi. At 28 years of age she has experienced the joy and pain of being a being a woman and werewolf. Although standing only 5'4" and weighing 123 lb., staring into Esse's jet black eyes, can be a withering or arousing experience. A fervor dances in those dark grottos, a fire that can create or destroy, burn hot or chill you too the bone. Her midnight tresses cascade about sculptured shoulders, in the wind her mane dances like ebony flames.

Esse was being groomed to be the tribes Shuv'hani - Gypsy Wise Woman.  As the tale goes, one night under the light of the full moon, a 17 year old Esse was deep in the Everglades attempting to raise Power. In a forest clearing, clad only by lunar light, her breasts and arms streaked black, the color of blood in moonlight, a rabbit lay drained, beside her. Grasping the bone handled chiv, given her by her guide, Essence raised her hand high over her head and made a small cut inside her left arm.

Rubbing her fingers on the cut, she then drew circles around her nipples, a pentangle on her belly, and crosses on her thighs. Her blood, mingled with the rabbit's as Esse sang the Ritual.  A huge black wolf walked into the circle. Without fear, perhaps she recognized her uncle, she allowed him to lick her cuts. The next full moon Esse became furry. She had been infected with Lycanthropy by her uncle Anton.  Most days she thanks Anton. 

Essence has an ingrained desire to preserve and defend the Lukoi and is willing to sacrifice to do so.  She is currently Ulfric of the Delta Bayou Lukoi. Esse has earned her reputation for being ruthless in defense of her Lukoi Pack. Esse has concluded that extremism in the defense of the Lukoi is not a vice, and that moderation in the pursuit of justice is not a virtue.

Being Lukoi for Esse is to embrace the beast in her blood, she relishes the otherworldly power, accelerated speed, increased strength, enhanced sensitivity to sound and smell that being a werewolf has given her. Essence can feed wolves with her blood and power, which is a rare gift.  She possesses the ability to call flesh in order to accelerate healing in other Lycanthropes. Esse is comfortable with sex and violence.

Essence' generates power through her sexual passions. She is completely at ease with her body, even when naked in a crowd of people. She enjoys the pleasures of both females and males; however she prefers Lycanthropes and Vampires to humans so she can let herself go.


Training by her circus performer relatives has improved her Lukoi sense of balance and dexterity. She has the ability to shift into a wolf at will and has control over her shifting. As an Alpha werewolf, Essence is capable of partial shifting. She is also capable of shifting into wolf and back to human without the side effects of a "shift-coma".  When times call for it she carries a Glock 35.

As an Alpha werewolf, Essence is immune to the call of a Master-level Vampire whose animal to Call is Wolf. Esse can help wolves under her protection resist the call of Master Vampires when she is with them.
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