5/05/04           This will be an attemp to report on the fishing status, that we all do in around our neck of the woods. It is new to us so please be patient. We have not done this so far because, we all like to fish during our spare time and not sit at the computer. In any event we have been pushed by our friends to come up with something, so here we go.
                       The fishing for the Salmon has been a little slow. Seeing ice out from our long and cold winter, did not happen until 4/20/04, we have only fished a couple of times so far. The water temps are still in the low 40's, which makes the salmon a little slow at first. What we have caught is promising, the fish that are legal  (15") are healthy. The balls of bait (smelt) are of good size, and for what we are told are in good numbers to support this fishery. After years of not being the case, we look forward to a good year. Again, we will be attempting to keep up with this report, and we should have new reports after the weekend.
5/10/04             Well fishing right now couldn't be better. The timing is good also, with the Wiini derby this weekend coming. We managed to pull in around 25 fish, with some losses over the weekend. Nothing of supersize, but all very healthy fish. Most of the fish are coming of the planner boards, with a few coming of the down riggers. The hardware seems to be the ticket, with the exciting new series of top gun lures called the "Matty Gun" , we pulled out 6-7 fish this weekend. We also caught fish on streamers and and other lures, orange is allways a good color.
This series of "Matty Guns" will be on sale soon, exclusively at AJ's Bait and Tackle in Meridtih NH. If you want to look at all the other great top gun lures use our link to their web site on our home page.
5/26/04             Well the winni derby went ok for most, but no monsters were caught, and a slightly over 5 lb. Salmon won the 1 st prize. Weather during the derby was a big factor, Sunny, flat, calm, and very warm for the time of year. Salmon and trout fishing on the lake has slowed since, and will get tougher to locate and catch these fish, during the summer months, not that it can't be done, but until late August & September you will have a tougher time. Thats why God has brought us back the Striper fishing that has become a great way to spend the summer months. The reports are that as of now the schoolie stripers are everywere on the New England coast, and the big ones are soon to follow. We will be bringing reports on these fish as well as Salmon for the coming months.
6/8/04              The Salmon fishing has slowed to almost a stand still, and will until mid August.
Nows the time to try something different, and Stiper fishing on the coast of New England couldn't be better. With the schoolies established, and the big ones yet to come, the excitement has just begun.
It is not uncommon to catch 100's of fish in an outing. Pick your favorite tide, look for the birds at the mouths of any coastal river, put a rod in your hand, and hang on. Its that simple. These fish will take almost anything you throw at them when they are feeding. We will be out there banging them up whenever possible, hope to see more Salmon fisherman out there, and tight lines to all. Good Luck.
7/14/04            Sorry for the time lapse, as we all know time flyes by during our short season here in New England. Salmon and trout fishing has finally settled in. The hooked on salmon team took a nice 7 lb laker on the big lake a couple of weeks ago, and the salmon fishing has been steady.
The thermocline has settled in and if you fish from 25 to 45 ft down in 60 to 90 feet of water, you should do ok. Salmon fishing is better off  real early in the morning, were trout will bight all day. The colors that have always been the go to, are NH guide db smelt (orange and black spoon), you can pick some up at AJ's Bait and tackle. (see the link on the home page).
                             If you thinking of going coastall, you will not be disatisfied. The big stripers are here for a while, and bluefish are in also. Finding live mackeral for bait might be a chore, with the blues around, but pollak can be caught and used in the same way. Fish the river mouths were you find current with the tides, with a chunck of bait, and hang on.
8/2/04              Fished 7/31/04, and the fishing has gotten back on track. The most productive time is at first light (legal fishing 1 hour before sunrise). Most fish were caught at 25 to 40 ft. , with fly's and db smelt working good, in 50 to 60 ft. of water. Once the sun comes up, its time to go deep for lakers, 90 to 110 ft, in 140 to 160 ft of water. If that not your fancy, bass fishing can be at its best this time of year. Lets not forget that if we have time we always have a great coastal fishing here in New Hampshire, and that has settled to its own summer patterns as well.
8/16/04              Now is the time to get to NH for some great Salmon fishing. This weekend was fast action, and plenty of 20-22" healthy fish being caught. This time of year will only get better, but unfortunately, fall will be coming quicker than we like, and as you know Salmon season ends at the end of the month of Sept. We are almost completely booked for this time of year as usual, but we may have 1 or 2 spots we can use, if needed. The coast fishing is heated up with blue fish up to 15 lbs. If you need practice to land Salmon, this would be your best bet. If you are planning on coming to the lake for some fin fishing do not forget your streamer flies, this time of year they really work the best. Tight lines and good luck!
8/31/04              As I said in the last report, time to put the boat in the water. Hooked on Salmon charters hooked 60 fish in 3 days this weekend. We managed  40 over the side, and released all but 6. Right now if you can manage to get on the water by 5:00 am, fish at 35 ft of water, drag your favorite flies or lures, your chances are excellent in hooking some really nice fish. This fishery for Salmon has been managed in such a way to produce healthy stocks and plenty of them, Thanks NH Fish & Game. See you on the water. Good luck.
9/14/04                             The fishing is begining to peak, with the Hooked on Salmon fishing Charters boating 15-20 fish days. When you talk about Landlock Salmon fishing, and you know what we are talking about, this is Great fishing. The larger fish have not started to bite just yet, but lots of 20-22" fish are being caught. This makes us believe that the next few seasons will be good also. Well the season will rap up on Sept. 30 th, and the last days of this type of fishing will soon be over. We may still have some openings in the last 2 weeks of the season, so now could be your chance for a trophy Landlock Salmon, give me a call.