Canine Companions

Missy and Friends

Mahli, Missy, Bear, Comet, & Tigger
OK, these aren't all our dogs. Just Mahli and Bear. Comet belongs to our friends John and Heide Rettig, and Tigger belonged to their friends Harold and Michelle who live in Salida. This picture was taken on Barr Trail as Missy tried to dispense water to the parched pups.
This is my dog Bear. He is a seven year-old long haired dachshund with serious attitude! Bear enjoys licking Mahli's ears, laying on the back of the couch, and barking for no particular reason. Bear is an Aries looking for a Libra. My Dog Bear
Mahli This is our new dog Mahli. She's about a year and a half old. We adopted her from the humane society in June of '98. She loves to climb this tree in our backyard in an unending pursuit of squirrels. So far she hasn't caught any.
Both of our dogs love to go hiking with us. Bear recently climbed his first Fourteener, Mt. Democrat. A big accomplishment when your legs are only three inches long. He did great on the way up, but got a little help coming down. Here he is posing as a mountain dog on a trail in Palmer Park in Colorado Springs. Palmer Park
Snow Queen Unlike Bear, Mahli has no height issues. In fact she practically pulled me all the way up Mt. Democrat, and then back down again. She also loves the snow and catching things in the air. Especially catching snow balls when you throw them in the air for her. Whenever it hails, which it does here frequently, she goes nuts trying to catch the hail and chasing it around.
This is me and "Little Man" on the Mt. Cutler trail. Bear and I were competing to see who could be the hairiest in the household. Mahli won. Mt. Cutler
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