Topics related to Depression

Child Abuse

Day of the Child: This site is designed to raise awareness and promote healing for victims and survivors of child abuse.

Self Injury

Lysamena Project on Self-Injury: A personal web site that deals with the misunderstood, but very real problem of self-injury. I highly recommend this site.

Links to other helpful sites on the Net

Anti-Depressant Medications: @

A topical search of the Our Daily Bread writings

Biblical answers to life's tough questions @

Christian Depression Pages : A compassionate source of information for those with depression and those caring for them.

Cybergrace Christian Network: One of the most Comprehensive Christian Resources on the Internet.

FaithNet NAMI : A network composed of members and friends of NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) for the purpose of facilitating the development within the Faith Community of a non-threatening, supportive environment for those with serious mental illness and their families.

In Touch Ministries: Featuring The Bible Teaching Ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley

Winning Edge Ministries: A Program For Restoring Fallen Ministers and Religious Leaders

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