A Song for You
A touch of hope
April, 1987
29 April, 1987
A song for you with thanks for all you've
done for me
A fortress strong and lonely once
I used to be
But you reached out and touched me from
within your own pain
And hand in hand we both learned how to
Sing again.
My world was cold and stormy,
mighty crashing waves
Had taken all the love I knew,
hiding it away
My mighty walls began to crumble with
the strain of waves of fear and
mighty thunderings
of pain.
You touched my world with hope
when it was hard to smile
You shared with me your tears
You made my life worthwhile
Your love crept in so quietly
I was surprised
Yet hope began to bloom
The sun began to rise.
A touch of hope
a breath of understanding
A whisper of kindness
A tremble of shared pain
Even the greatest fortress
has tiny chinks
for love to sneak through.