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Quarterdeck Log Book open for inspection

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Name :   William R Rich
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   E-2 to E5
E-mail Address :   Rutahdvret ~ aol .Com
Hopewell Years :   55-65
Enlistment Years :   55 to 75
Enlistment Home Town :   Bremerton WA.
Current Home Town :   Riverton UT
Sea Story :   Some great ones Remember going in to Quemoy at night to help pull out free Chinese LST with search lights on American flag on the forward stack. I was Ammo passer in the mag for the 3"50 amidships, remember though going through my mind what the *** have g...
Name :   John Blewster
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   STG 2
E-mail Address :   jandkb*airmail .net
Hopewell Years :   64 - 66
Enlistment Years :   62 - 68
Enlistment Home Town :   Houston, Texas
Current Home Town :   Corsicana, Texas
Sea Story ? :   The sonar folks used to work with the fire-control techs. Anybody remember our knocking down 3 drones in 3 successive runs during underway training? The Targeteer accused us of using frag ammunition and went back to port. We weren't! Did you know that the SONAR system on Hopewell had 460 tubes in it? While dealing with a Westpac typhoon we took green water down the vent system into the SONAR transmitter room (near the mess deck with two motor-generators in the emergency diesel room). After getting shed of the rough weather, we checked with the snipes, connected to the fresh water system, and hosed the equipment down. About a weeks worth of drying out later, we posted guards to keep folks away from any flying sparks and lit it off. Darned if it didn't work just fine! Water-cooled SONAR. A lot of us did a lot of growing up on Hopewell and so many others like her. It's good to see interest being taken in keeping our Naval history alive.
Name :   Jim "Buzz" Buzzell
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   MMCS
E-mail Address :   mmcsbuzz*ndak .net
Hopewell Years :   1967-69
Enlistment Years :   1955-1974
Enlistment Home Town :   Kenmare, North Dakota
Current Home Town :   Kenmare, North Dakota
Sea Story ? :   The famous mid night attack by a fishing boat new years eve. (1968) of the southern tip of Vietnam. General Quarters, General Quarters, All hands man your battle stations. All you could hear were the 50' calibers raining terror on the fishing boat as it a
Name :   Frank Hartwell
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   EM2C
E-mail Address :   dd681 ~ aol .Com
Hopewell Years :   1943-1945
Enlistment Years :   1943-1946
Enlistment Home Town :   New York, NY
Current Home Town :   Florham Park, NJ
Sea Story ? :   
Name :   Keith A. Thompson
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   BT2(sw)
E-mail Address :   thompsonka ~ dteenergy .Com
Hopewell Years :   
Enlistment Years :   1985-1991
Enlistment Home Town :   Detroit
Current Home Town :   Riverview, Mi
Sea Story ? :   
Name :   Steve Newbauer
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   SFM2 / HT2
E-mail Address :   sanewbauer ~ hotmail .Com
Hopewell Years :   n/a I served on other tin cans
Enlistment Years :   1966-1972 & 1974-1976
Enlistment Home Town :   Garrett, Indiana
Current Home Town :   Atlanta, Ga.
Sea Story ? :   I served aboard three tin cans and had good experienced aboard each as well as some memorable ones. You can read about some of them at this website: http://navysight.homestead .Com
Name :   Dave Russell
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   MM2
E-mail Address :   dlmunchee ~ apl .Com
Hopewell Years :   65-70
Enlistment Years :   58-retired 76
Enlistment Home Town :   Springfield OH
Current Home Town :   Same
Sea Story ? :   Hopewell could still do 39 knots in 70
Name :   Jim Reeves
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   MM1/c
E-mail Address :   sailor833*msn .Com
Hopewell Years :   
Enlistment Years :   
Enlistment Home Town :   
Current Home Town :   Gainesville, Mo
Sea Story ? :   My brother Dave Reeves was aboard the Hopewell in 1955, I was on an East coast Can at the time. I found your site & think its great. Dave is now living in Bend, Ore. I'll let him know about this site
Name :   Don A. Stine
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   SN/SMSN/SM3
E-mail Address :   dstine54*mediaone .net
Hopewell Years :   
Enlistment Years :   '64-'68
Enlistment Home Town :   Lakewood, Ca.
Current Home Town :   Lakewood, Ca.
Sea Story ? :   Happy to find your site, Looks good. Looking at the DD681 brings back memories. I was not on Hopewell but on R. S. Edwards DD950 from 65 to 68. We covered a lot of territory together. Remember watching you guys play submarine in typhoon of 66. We lost a crew member
Name :   Steve M. Halvaks
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   Seamen Deck
E-mail Address :   
Hopewell Years :   DD681 62-66
Enlistment Years :   Feb.12,1962
Enlistment Home Town :   Detroit, Michigan
Current Home Town :   Detroit, Michigan
Sea Story ? :   I remember in 1963 Subic Bay, Gossie, myself, and three others in a jeep outside of town Tobay, jeep driver, try to rob us. It didn't work! Went to drinking!!
Name :   Sam Poma
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   
E-mail Address :   spoma1*home .Com
Hopewell Years :   62-66
Enlistment Years :   
Enlistment Home Town :   
Current Home Town :   
Sea Story ? :   I have been to the USS Hopewell site recently , trying to recapture some of my memories as a sailor. Is there any one who remembers Seaman Steve Halvaks, Deckcrew and sreve duty from 1962-1966, from Detroit Michigan. I remember Benson and Gossie, and Subi
Name : Bob Freeman
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   Chief Machinist Mate
E-mail Address :   CWOFREEMAN*YAHOO .Com
Hopewell Years :   1962 to 1965
Enlistment Years :   1954 to 1975
Enlistment Home Town :   Denver City, Texas
Current Home Town :   Garden Grove, Calif.
Sea Story ? :I like to think that during my service in Hopewell that she was in much better condition when I left her in May of 1965 than she was when I reported aboard in July of 1962! Little did I realize that 10 years [as of today] and into the future that she would be sunk as a target off the coast of California! She was one of the best of a kind and I know that there were times that she could steam the pants off of any 2100 or 2250 out there including the Ready Eddie DD-950. The Hopewell was where I made Chief and serving in her was where I came to full realization that every effort myself and the other engineers put into her Engineering Plant would not only make her a better ship, but would make her sailors better Destroyermen! Hats off to the USS Hopewell DD 681. CWO B.J. Freeman USN Retired
Name :   Rick Britten
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   FGT3
E-mail Address :   riksue*home .Com
Hopewell Years :   1965-1967
Enlistment Years :   1964-1984
Enlistment Home Town :   Philadelphia, Pa
Current Home Town :   Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
Sea Story ? :   Cmdr. Burpo said we fired almost 2000 rounds on one westpac. I'm sure I carried everyone one of them!
Name :   Bob Strassenburg
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   EM2
Highest Rate/Rank Navy career :   EM2
Hopewell Years :   Nov 58 to Aug 60
Enlistment Years :   56 to 60
Enlistment Home Town :   Los Angeles, CA
Current Home Town :   Myrtle Point , OR
Name :   Marc Johnson
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   STG3
E-mail Address :   mjohnso1*midsouth.rr .Com
Hopewell Years :   66-68
Enlistment Years :   66-68
Enlistment Home Town :   Muskegon, MI
Current Home Town :   Germantown, TN
Sea Story ? :   Well, lobbing all those 5" rounds at the bad guys was really something but it's hard to top our 'fender bender' with the Oriskany. Am interested in attending the reunion next year.
Name :   Robert E. Seymour
E-mail Address :  
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   BM3
Highest Rate/Rank Navy career :   BM2
Hopewell Years :   1968-1969
Enlistment Years :   1968-1972
Enlistment Home Town :   Willits, CA.
Current Home Town :   Willits, CA.
Sea Story ? :   Looking for old crew Members
Name :   G. Steve File
E-mail Address :  
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   BT 2nd Class
Highest Rate/Rank Navy career :   BT 2nd Class
Hopewell Years :   3 yrs
Enlistment Years :   3 1/2
Enlistment Home Town :   Palmdale, CA
Current Home Town :   Arleta, CA
Sea Story ? :   sflle23853*aol .Com
Name :   Allen W. Angel
E-mail Address :  
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   SM2/C
Highest Rate/Rank Navy career :   SM2/C
Hopewell Years :   1943-1946
Enlistment Years :   2-1943 to 12-1946
Enlistment Home Town :   Chattanooga
Current Home Town :   Hixson
Sea Story ? :   I stood the first signal watch when the Hopewell was placed into commission and stood the last signal watch when the Hopewell was de-commissioned after WWII. E-mail address is AWAES*aol .Com
Name :   Jim Hays
E-mail Address :  
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   BT3
Highest Rate/Rank Navy career :   
Hopewell Years :   May66-NoV.69
Enlistment Years :   Feb.66-Nov.69
Enlistment Home Town :   Salem,Ill.
Current Home Town :   Salem, Ill.
Sea Story ? :   after fire room
Name :   Allen W. Angel
E-mail Address :  
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   SM2/C
Highest Rate/Rank Navy career :   SM2/C
Hopewell Years :   1943-1946
Enlistment Years :   2-1943 to 12-1946
Enlistment Home Town :   Chattanooga
Current Home Town :   Hixson
Sea Story ? :   I stood the first signal watch when the Hopewell was placed into commission and stood the last signal watch when the Hopewell was de-commissioned after WWII.
Name :   Paul R. Morris
E-mail Address :  
Shipboard Rate/Rank :   1,st. Div. S.A.
Highest Rate/Rank :   S.A.
Hopewell Years :   1964/65
Enlistment Years :   1961/65
Enlistment Home :   SOUTH BEND/ IND.
Current Home :   SAME
Sea Story ? :   NO story, just remembering the nights in Olongapo, Subic Bay. Also good old T.J. Ha-Ha. Would sure like to find Earl Brandon and Eddie Mendibles. or anyone else who may remember me. This has been a super tour on my P.C. THANKS, I felt like I was their again.
Name :   Wayne Currey
E-mail :   currey*frognet .net
Rate/Rank :   MM2
Hopewell Years :   1954 - 1957
Enlistment Years :   1953 - 1957
Enlistment Hone :   San Diego
Current Home :   Parkersburg, WV
Sea Story ? :   Please list me on the ships roster under West Virginia. I really enjoyed looking at the web site. Thank you for putting it together. If Ice or Jones is out there, write back so I'll know how you are doing.
Name :   Larry Hagerty
E-mail :   hagerty*matrixmasters .Com
Rate/Rank :   LTJG (LCdr)
Hopewell Years :   1966-1968
Enlistment Years :   1966-1969
Enlistment Hone :   Houston, TX
Current Home :   San Diego, CA
Sea Story ? :   I only tell my sea stories to people who weren't there because I have improved on the actual events so much that anyone who was there would know I'm making them up!
Name :   Darrell Whitesell
E-mail :   jody-darrell*centurytel .net
Rate/Rank :   mm2
Hopewell Years :   55 to 57
Enlistment Years :   54 to 57
Enlistment Hone :   waterloo Iowa
Current Home :   Mountain home Arkansas
Sea Story ? :   Was aboard when we were hit by the AD1 Skyraider off San Diego. Didn't exactly make our day !!
Name :   Richard G Welsh
E-mail :   wakancehecel*aol .Com
Rate/Rank :   RD/3 Petty Officer
Hopewell Years :   1959-1959
Enlistment Years :   1958-1961
Enlistment Hone :   El Paso, Texas
Current Home :   Las Cruces, New Mexico
Sea Story ? :   Asian girls, typhoons, Baptism of Fire at Quemoy, liberty in foreign ports, great radar gang, terrific shipmates, outstanding tincan--sailing home--we did it all!!!
Name :   Trell James (TJ) Mercer
E-mail :   tandjmercer*juno .Com
Rate/Rank :   FT-2
Hopewell Years :   11-1959 8-1961
Enlistment Years :   8-'57- 8-'61
Enlistment Home :   Alexanderia, LA
Current Home :   Temecula, CA
Sea Story ? :   I never will forget the "RESQUE" we did for a small Japanese fishing boat that was swinging on a hook for a day or two and had an injured man on board. We came to help them, cut their anchor loose with about 600 ft. of line and all but destroyed their boat

Name Walter R. Campbell

Email lcdrdocxo*aol .Com
Hopewell Years 1943-1946
Other Duty Years 1942-1978
Enlistment Town/State Hollywood, CA
Current Town/State Anaheim, CA
Favorite Liberty Port
Sea Story: Too numerous to go into at the moment....will come back to you later.

Name: Ralph Sulek

Email S89Ralph*aol .Com
Rate/Rank DC2 
Hopewell Years 1968-1970
Other Duty Years 1968-1972
Enlistment Town/State Lincoln Park, Michigan
Current Town/State Southgate, Michigan
Favorite Liberty Port
Sea Story

Name Dick Purvis

Rate/Rank TM2
Hopewell Years
Other Duty Years 1961-1965
Enlistment Town/State Syracuse, NY
Current Town/State Elkhart, IN
Favorite Liberty Port
Sea Story
Email Michiana1999*hotmail .Com

Name William Hutch Hutcherson

Email Crew c/o Hopewell
Rate/Rank GM-SN
Hopewell Years 1951-1954
Other Duty Years
Enlistment Town/State Lancaster, WI
Current Town/State Lancaster, WI
Favorite Liberty Port

Name Wayne Currey

Email Crew c/o Hopewell
Rate/Rank MM-2
Hopewell Years 1954-1957
Other Duty Years 1953-1957
Enlistment Town/State Parkersburg, WV.
Current Town/State Parkersburg, WV.
Favorite Liberty Port
Name Harry Spanton
Email Crew c/o Hopewell
Rate/Rank  EN 2
Hopewell Years 1954 1957
Other Duty Years 1954 1957
Enlistment Town/State Wausau WI
Current Town/State Wausau WI
Favorite Liberty Port

Name Leroy R. Mohr

Email sailorette*tds .net
Rate/Rank MM2
Hopewell Years 1957-1959
Other Duty Years1956-1959
Enlistment Town/State San Francisco, CA
Current Town/State Trinity Center, CA
Favorite Liberty Port
Sea Story Equator initiation - Nasty! Exciting: hi-lined (for a young kid, to USS Kidd to observe and grade engineering casualty control drills). Prev. duty station USS Whitehurst DE 634; was in filming of movie "The Enemy Below", volunteered to jump off for "aband
Name Jon Kolb
My Email: Jon's Mail
Rate/Rank: ET1
Hopewell Years: 1967-1969
Other Duty: 1962 - 1976
Enlistment Town/State: Oklahoma City
Current Town/State: Phoenix , AZ
Favorite Liberty Port:
Sea Story: Collision with Oriskany, and a 56 degree roll. Who needs sea stories?
Name :Samuel E Abernathy
E-mail :samnanab*localline .Com
Rate/Rank :FTGU2(SS)(Ret E8
Hopewell Years :65 66
Enlistment Years : 11/60-11/80
Enlistment Hone :Veedersburg IN
Current Home :Veedersburg IN
Sea Story ? : Cruise to the Tonkin Golf. Who remembers the spotter plane pilot on the radio "GO ALLEGHENY GO"? When the shore bomb was spotted for effect?
Name :   Kenneth W. Boyer
E-mail :   gloriab13*prodigy .net
Rate/Rank :   FT2
Hopewell Years :   Feb. '58 - Nov. '58
Enlistment Years :   1954-58
Enlistment Hone :   Aitkin Minnesota
Current Home :   Roseville Minnesota
Sea Story ? :   Attended the reunion in Charleston, SC in 1999. Waiting for dates of the next reunion
Name :HATHORNE,James
My Email: hathornej*msn .Com
Rate/Rank: BT2
Hopewell Years: 1955 to 1962
Other Duty: USS Morton DD948 and the USS Wilson DLG7
Enlistment Town/State: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Current Town/State: Dallas, Texas
Favorite Liberty Port: Most of them.
Comments: I was on board the Hopewell when she was hit on the starboard side, between the 3" gun mounts, by a Douglas Skyraider while on ships maneuvers off the coast of San Diego. A day I'll never forget!! I would like some information on the crew during the years I was on board. 1955 to 1962/3
Name :Johnny Sharp - 12/18/00
My URL: www.ComcastOnline .Com  
My Email:jsharpdd681*home .Com
Rate/Rank: PN3
Hopewell Years: apr65-apr67
Other Duty: Ault & Barton (cans)
Enlistment Town/State: Huntsville, Al
Current Town/State: Huntsville, Al
Favorite Liberty Port: Hong Kong
Name :R. V. Easley - 12/11/00 02:00:45
My Email: easley.r*att .net
Rate/Rank: SN-RM3
Hopewell Years: 1952-55
Enlistment Town/State: Spokane , WA
Current Town/State: Loon Lake, WA
Favorite Liberty Port: Sasebo
Email: hilwilliams*emeraldis .Com
Rate/Rank: seaman
Hopewell Years: Sept 64-Dec. 65
Other Duty: USS COLUMBUS(CG12)
Enlistment Town/State: Charleston, S.C.
Current Town/State: Ninety Six, S.C.
Favorite Liberty Port: ALL
Name :Jon C. Liebman - 11/29/00 20:55:38
My Email: jcl*
Rate/Rank: LTJG
Hopewell Years: 1956-59
Other Duty: NROTC Staff, Cornell
Enlistment Town/State: Boulder, CO
Current Town/State: Urbana, IL
Favorite Liberty Port: Hong Kong
Comments: Congratulations and thanks to Noel for setting up and maintaining this great site.....
Name :Ro Olivier - 11/23/00 19:05:38
Email:beachro1*cs .com
Rate/Rank: rd3
Hopewell Years: 67-68
Enlistment Town/State: Long Beach, CA
Current Town/State: Seal Beach, CA
Favorite Liberty Port: Hong Kong
Name :Jim Burpo - 10/21/00 22:16:17
Email: suedjimb*aol .com
Rate/Rank: LCDR (Capt. Ret.)
Hopewell Years: 66-68
Other Duty: tin cans/amphibs
Enlistment Town/State: Enid, OK
Current Town/State: Lawton, OK
Favorite Liberty Port: Hong Kong
Comments: I was XO 66-68. The ship fired about 20,000 rounds. of 5" on both the 66 and 67 tours off VN. A pretty good old ship.
Name :R.G. Floyd - 10/20/00 02:16:11
Email: Floyd*281 .com
Rate/Rank: Lt./ USNR-Inactive
Hopewell Years: na
Other Duty: USS Knapp DD 653
Enlistment Town/State: Edinburg.Texas
Current Town/State: Kingsland Texas
Favorite Liberty Port: Hong Kong
Comments: just visiting your beautiful sight once again. If anyone remembers the Knapp DD 653, let me know at this e-mail address.
Name :Alan Baker
ambaker ~ citlink. net
Rate/Rank: LTJG SC
Hopewell Years: 1965-1967
Enlistment Town/State: Los Angeles, CA
Current Town/State: Fairfield Glade, TN
Favorite Liberty Port: Hong Kong
Comments: a sea, tropical moon, the smell of saltwater combined with that of fresh cinnamon rolls from the galley.
Name :Dave Elder - 10/10/00 12:31:45
Rate/Rank: STG2
Hopewell Years: 65-68
Current Town/State: Cocoa, FL
Comments: Hey looking for Hopewell sailors for a long time. Now living in Cocoa, Florida. Contact me at your leisure.
Name :John Sebastian - 10/04/00 22:18:19
Email:jmscad*gte .net
Rate/Rank: Rdm3
Hopewell Years: Feb'51 - Oct'51
Other Duty: Aug'45 - Sep'48
Enlistment Town/State: Los Angeles, CA
Current Town/State: Victorville, CA
Favorite Liberty Port: Victorville
Comments: Noel Nichols, Per our telecom some weeks back; I don't have but a few pictures, I wasn't the camera man in our tour. Maybe Felte or Rader could help. I do have a few pieces of 'print' that may be interesting; i.e., "Wonsan Yatch Club", Duke of Wonsan, Fleet Admiral "Good Job Done", etc. If this kind of stuff would help in putting together a 'cruise one' scenario or other Hopewell goodies let me know. Regards John Sebastian (jmscad ~ gte .net)
Name :Russell F. Wilson - 09/17/00
Email:wilson74 ~ earthlink .net
Rate/Rank: CDR (Captain)
Hopewell Years: Feb 68- Nov 69
Other Duty: Lots
Enlistment Town/State: Portsmouth, Ohio
Current Town/State: Richmond , VA
Favorite Liberty Port: any
Name :Joe Bruce - 09/11/00
Email:Jfb9214 ~ aol. com
Rate/Rank: YN3
Hopewell Years: 7/61 - 7/63
Other Duty: SEA BEES 63-68, NSG, 68-70, USMC 1970-1998, Presently DOD civilian
Enlistment Town/State: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Current Town/State: The GREAT State of Texas
Favorite Liberty Port: Hong Kong
Comments: Favorite things to do on USS Hopewell 1. Chip and paint. 2. Look for sky hook. 3. Sleep with flying fish in rack. Sorry I won't be able to attend the reunion. I was wanting too, but then I was sent here[ Japan]. I wish everyone the best. Joe Bruce Registered Architect 18SVS/SVI, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan
Name :Paul McCarthy 8/31/00
Email:racquetball60 ~ aol .com
Rate and Rank: Seaman
Years of service:: 60-61
Ships or Duty Stations:: Great Lakes, IL
Comments: When & where is the next reunion?
Name :Tony DiGiulian - 08/30/00
My Email: tldig ~ snip .net
Rate and Rank: E-5
Comments: Hi, I'm the "Tony D." from Warships1 who you sent a message about a link to your Web site. I've tried Emailing you using both a "return" on your original message and using the Email address on your home page, but both have come back to me as "Undeliverable Mail." So, this note is just to let you know that I've made your requested changes and they are now on-line. Please let me know whenever you schedule Next reunion and I'll update your listing in my reunion files. Take care, Tony
Name :Larry Graham - 08/29/00
My Email:lcgraham ~ compuserve .com
Rate and Rank: ET2
Ships or Duty Stations: USS Ingersoll (DD-652) '52-'54
Comments: Thanks for the link to the USS Ingersoll (DD-652) on your beautiful Web site! Will put a link in ours to yours. Larry
Name :John Williams - 08/28/00
Of Greenwood, SC 29646
Years of service:: 1964-1965
Comments: Trying to locate Harry W. Drazic, Dock Division & Deck Division USS Hopewell (DD681) Sept 1964 - Dec 1965 Served with Harry in 1964-1965. His wife's name is Jennie. He is retired from Navy. Was originally from Chicago. Would like to renew old friendship. Please contact
Name :Arthur J. Browning - 08/27/00
Rate and Rank: SKCS (SW) USNR
Ships or Duty Stations:: 62-USS Porterfield DD682
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 Subject: Ship's bell
Dear MM3 Nichols, it might interest you to know that the Hopewell's bell is currently on the quarterdeck of the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center in San Jose, California. I served on the Porterfield (64-66) and remember well steaming with Hopewell and Agerholm all over the Western Pacific as part of DesRon 5. I am currently a Senior Chief Storekeeper in the Naval Reserve and spent many years at the San Jose Reserve Center and have walked past the bell hundreds of time over the years. I hope you found t is an interesting bit of information.
Name :Don F. Cain - 08/27/00
Email:Don Cain YN2
Rate and Rank: YN2
Years of service:: 59 TO 62
Comments: looking FOR THOSE WHO SERVED 59 TO 62. WOULD LIKE TO SAY HELLO, COMPANY 461 GRADUATES ESPECIALLY. Years of service:: 8yrs, 2mo, 22days.  I came on board in September October of 59.  Capt. was Silvani, and Larry Dwyer came on as exec.   Lt. Austin, and an Ens Falco are the only names I remember of the officers.   Kerr, QM1, and I have a book somewhere that would give me some other names if needed, but only enlisted that I went thru boot camp with and then on to the ship.
Name :LeLand Ray McCain - 08/27/00
Email:edgen921 ~ centurytel .net
Rate and Rank: E3
Years of service:: 1957 - 1961
Name :James  McCormick - 08/27/00
Email:J McCormick
Rate and Rank: SN 2nd
Comments: 3 years
Name :Jim Thompson - 08/16/00
Email  :jtthomp ~ ix .netcom .com
Rate and Rank: LTJG
Years of service:: 1965-68
Ships or Duty Stations:: COMMO/NAV
Name :Dick McElroy - 07/14/00 
Email:  Dick McElroy
Hopewell Years: 1964 - 1966
Home Town: Derby, New York
Rate/Rank: MM2

Other Ships: USS Hood dd-650

Name :Stu Bloom FTG2 - 07/10/00 
Email: Stu Bloom
Hopewell Years:1968-70
Other Ships: Samuel Gompers (AD-37), Donald B. Beary (DE-1085)
Service Years: 1966-1976
Home Town: Earlville, IL
Name :Sam Keng - 07/09/00 
Email: Sam Keng
Service Years:43-45
Rate/Rank: water tender 2c
Comments: What ever happened to her after 1945? Is there any place that the public can see her?
Name :N Nichols - 07/09/00
Hopewell Years:62-64
Other Ships:USS Weisman DE
Service Years:61-65
Home Town: Hacienda Heights, CA
Comments: This is my labor of love for my shipmates and friends; for all the fond memories and encouragement from all of you. Thank you for this opportunity to repent for being such a candy-ass sailor!!