AE & R Division

A E and R Division is one of the larger divisions on board the HOPEWELL because it is really three small, but very important divisions all combined into one. The "A" GANG, composed of MM's, MR's and EN's, can be found almost anywhere on board doing jobs from getting heat to the XO's state room, to maintaining the Captain's Gig and supplying ice and air conditioning to the mess decks. The " E " GANG, composed of EM's and IC Men, maintain the powerful generators and miles of cable needed to carry current to the numerous pieces of equipment from the intricate gyro, which gives direction to a ship at sea, to the insignificant light bulb, which without. our mission could not be accomplished. The " R " GANG, composed of SFs and DC Men who can be found through out the ship with a 200 foot welding cable trailing him or with a wrench in hand doing jobs such as making and installing secure mountings for single sideband equipment or repairing water tight doors and hatches to help keep the ship "IN THE FIGHT". The AE&R DIVISION contributes more to the comfort. safety, and security of the ship and
her crew than any other division.

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Top row Fann, EN3 Darter, EM2 Pederson, MM3 Abrahamson, MM2 Bollom, EM2 Kiene, SFP3 Compton, 1CFN
  Middle row Thornton, DC2 Stark, EM3 Ramey, FN Case, MR2 Wagoner, EM3 Teague, ICFN
Front row

Dickes, FN

Domingus, MR3

Delegarza, FN

Millena, EM3 Mize, EMI

Markholt, SFPI

             left to right top to bottom: Missing: Haiskanen, EMFN; Tuitman, SFP3, Mills, IC3

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