First Division

Some people refer to this division as the FIRST DIVISION while in reality it is more than just the FIRST DIVISION. It should be called the FIRST DIVISION because before the ship can go any place or do any thing or even just stay in port, this division must go to work. It is the responsibility of this division to maintain all of the decks, lifelines, gigs, and any other material that aids in the operation of the ship. This division may be called the FIRST DIVISION because it is made up of those rates that were really the first of the NAVY, that is the Boatswains' mate and plain hard working seaman. No ship of any country has in the past or will in the future be able to get along without the FIRST DIVISION.

Back Row: Phipps, SN Barnett, SN Reezak, SN Castro, SR Ledbetter SA Duncan, SN Williams, SN Horton, SN Creel, SN Howard, SA
Middle Row Dansby, BM1 Tillson, SN Veasin, SN Hoggard, SN McClain SN Henry, SR McDonald, SN McCarthy, SN Simons, BM2 Landriault, SN
Front Row Westbrook, SN Melfa, BM3 Jaramillo, SN; Meeks, SN Allen, SN Bond, FA Byrd,
McComb, SR

Missing: Fatout, BM3 ; Harlan, SA; Overton, BMSN