S Division

Of all the divisions that are on all ships this division is one that no one would likely to forget. If it were not for this division liberty would not be very good in any port that this ship or any other ship goes. It is this division that the whole ship depends on the  most, although it is not one that really runs the ship but it is one that the ship cannot run   without. This is the division that sees to it that men get paid on time and the right amount. It is also this division that sees that every man has adequate food and clothing while on board.
The food that is eaten is all purchased by this division and its long hours at hard work. The ship could not do one thing whith out this division since it is this division that keeps the ship in request forms and paper that is required for the paperwork that the Navy is run on. The one question always arises, however, what would happen if Supply ran out of request chits before they ordered more request chits ?

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Top Row : Scott, SK2

Long, DK2

Markel. SH3; McCullough, SN Garcia, SHI Higley, SKI
Middle Row: Bernabe, CSI Papa, CSSN Rin, TN Hammond, SA Thomas, SHLSN Windle, SKSN Greer, SD3 Sample, CS2 Parson, SH3
Front Row Webb, SD2 Garrido, SD2 Burnett, SN Escudero, SK3 Friere SR Diaz, TN
Left to right top to bottom; missing: Corn, SN; Ferguson, CS2 ; Mackey, SI-12; Tiongco, TN

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