Captain George F. Silvani Cdr. USN '59-61

From; Commanding Officer

U.S.S. Hopewell (DD-681)

To: All Hands

Another WestPac cruise has been successfully completed, but how many of us realize the importance of the past and future WestPac tours? As distasteful as it is to be away form home, it is these cruises that make it possible to have a home to which we may return.

The Seventh Fleet, of which we have been a part, is the only real deterrent to complete Communist domination of Asia. In the Atlantic it is the Sixth Fleet that is helping to prevent Communist domination of Europe and the Middle East.  If Asia and Europe were lost to Communism, surely North and South America would shortly follow suit.

Never in the history of the world has so much responsibility been forced upon so few - You.  Yours is the responsibility of protecting the rights of all people to live as they wish to live. In order to properly carry out this responsibility, it's going to mean a lot more WestPac Cruises and a lot more self sacrifices from you, but it surely is great to be able to come home to a way of life we cherish.

Home - mission accomplished.

George F. Silvani