Since man began to sail the seven seas thousands of years ago, it has been his misfortune to have to leave someone behind, someone to wait and long for him. In return that someone is the one whom he will base his dreams on, build his plans for. That someone is the one who will make home worth coming back to.

After a slow embrace, a kiss, a wave of the hand while leaving San Diego, a feeling of loss and regret seemed to invade the HOPEWELL. A feeling new to some and old to others, knowing that all that remained for the next six months were the fond memories of the past, and the many letters to come ; to some, letters of sadness, but to most letters of joy, letters carrying love, and happiness over many thousands of miles.

What is mail call? To most, mail call means more than Christmas, a letter can't be purchased in a store, it has no material value. It doesn't come in a box and yet it is price-less. Priceless because of the hidden treasures written on the pages, words that are meant for only person. No, a letter can't be bought, it has to come from someone; someone who cares.

For this reason we of the USS HOPEWELL are dedicating this cruisebook to the wives, sweethearts, and families of the crew. The ones who made Mail Call what it is.