Mark, Tom
B i o s  o f
and Travis
Mark Hoppus
Markus Allen Hoppus
"Fish Guts"
Bass / Vocals
Married to Skylene Everly
Born on 14/05/1972
Lives in Carlsbad, California
Fav. bands are NOFX, Bad Religion, Fenix TX and Jimmy Eat World.

Tom Delonge
Thomas Mathew Delonge
"Hot Pants"
Guitar / Vocals
Married to Jen Jenkins
Born on 13/12/1975
Lives in Encinitas, California
Fav. bands are Beastie Boys, Saves the Day, Menudo and Propaghandi.
Travis Barker
Travis Landon Barker
"Fuck Boy"
Engaged to Melissa
Born on 14/11/1975
Lives in Riverside, California
Fav. bands are Descendents, Police and Ol' Dirty Bastards.