Devine  280

Because of its speed the Devine  280 is a parkflyer. Its all made out of 
Depron. A great material wich is easy to use and very cheap. For one euro 
you make two planes.
Its easy to build because the underside of the wing is flat and the fuselage is 
just made in two pieces. Depron can be bended and folded if you do it 
carefull. You can fold it like paper.
When you hold depron into the light you can see how is has to be bend. You 
can only fold it in one way.

How to fold and bend
The wing. First cut out piece D (3mm depron). Push with the small side of a 
ruler hard on the foldingline (vouwlijn). Put tape at the backside of the 
foldingline. Otherwise it will torn. Now put the wingpiece on the tableedge 
with the inside to the table and bend it very carefully to 90 degrees. (see the 
Cut out of 6mm depron the pieces E and G and glue them in place. Also piece 
F is made of 6mm depron. Now the wing can be closed. Put glue on all pieces 
and fold the two flaps over the wing. Its a bit difficult, do it carefull and fix it 
in position by putting som weight on it. After the glue is dry you get a perfect 
strong, flat and light wing!!!! No you can remove the tape.
Shape the end of the wing until its 3mm thick and cut out the rudders. Make a 
hole for the servo on the top.

Cut out piece H (3mm) and fold it trongly around the speed 280 and fix it 
with tape so you get a tube. Push the engine out and make on the frontside 5 
hole 3cm x 4mm. Its for the enginecooling later.

Cut out R (fuselage)(3mm) Put some strong tape at A on the inside and at the 
tail some regular tape on the outside. Now bend it all along carefully rond as 
on the picture until at the front the pieces come together and fix it there with 
strong tape. Now cut out A,B and C, (all 6mm) and glue them in place. At the 
low tailend just bend the fuselage together. Use some tape to mainstane the 
bending all along. Finaly close the fuselage with part J(3mm)

Cut out K,L (3mm) en put them in place. 

When you put the tube in the frontside until A you can mark where the holes 
are. Now put it out again and make the holes at the same place 0,5 cm of the 
front side. Now put the pieces again together and glue them. You see that 
there is a cooling channel.

Put all radio pieces in it. CG is 12,5 from the back of the wing. When there is 
a problem with that you can move the engine a little and glue it at last.

I hope it is clear now.