here we go...some top celebz pics ....proudly brought to you by dreamer enjoy and have fun :)

Fatal Attraction

Mutty and babe, waddaya think? i think they are just perfect


Fishy fishy ~1~

my lovely babies...more precious than my own life :)


Fishy fishy ~2~

more of my lovely babies ...


Dr. Tao

hello Dr. Tao..stop lazying aroung..move your big fat ass and start exercising !! i mean NOW !!!!


Pontoon Bar

hey leung !!! why you look so stiff ... ~relax~...... mut aint gonna eat you, he's buzy perverting the girls ... .mut you are such a big hum sup lor ha ha ha ha as for girls comment (dont want to offend them) *_^

Ponton Bar 2

what a nice couple we got here...... congrats dude...hey you, the one on the phone stop killing your braincells, and da lo (on right side) how do you do bro?

Gambling Addicts

look kids..we all know.gambling is bad thing...but these guys can't seem to quit...oh yeah..mut!! will you stop smiling? you freaking me out :p

Three Musketers

musketers huh?!? now we need at least one bad guy.....where is he??? come on show up ..... or else .... !!!!

What's Cooking???

HEYYYY...dinner's ready yet?....*sniff* *sniff* whats that burning smell outta kitchen? are we having roast chicken or burnt chicken *LOL*

Undegrad buddies

amai the pervert with his usual big smile... sugi the weirdo and evi the nice girl who always let me copy her assignments :)

Beautiful Central Station

leung & anton i know you guys 'love' this country very much here we go a nice picture of central ......


arghh damn..what else should i write? uhmm.........uhmmm.....i about something like...uhm....errrrr....mmmm...or hmmmmmm....i know i know..let write some stuff like ...uhhhmmmmm......

ha ha ha ha... irritating aint it? so what? make me pay for it?



dreamer's profile:

name: dreamer

age: ???

sex: ???

occupation: unemployed for my whole life.

going to school is the biggest mistake i ever made!!, its not that i dont like school, i just hate it !! thats why i never study or perhaps i'm too dumb.... need to say more?

currently i'm having no life errrr actually i never have one...but i enjoy it this way very much maybe you guys should it a try? worries are no good cos you only live once, so do things you like ......