Ancient Biblical Mysteries Resolved

This page contains a compilation of articles written for those of interest who have specific questions about events in the Bible that appear to be confusing or downright contradictory.
  Israel's Mirrored Histroy New!
Were the Events of the Holocaust and Hitler foretold in the Bible?

What Does God Have Against Women?
In reading the passage in 1 Timothy, we might conclude that God (speaking through Paul) wants women to be only "plainly" seen and not heard at all.

Do I Have to Take Christianity on Blind Faith?
Faith is central to the Christian message, and the Bible says that "without faith it is impossible to please Him [God]" (Hebrews 11:6). The kind of faith the Bible celebrates, however, never could be called "blind".

Can't a Person Just Pick Out the Best from Each Religion?
All religions have points of commonality; why can't we just pick out those and live accordingly?

An Answer to the Hypocrisy Excuse
Many leave church because they say "there are too many hypocrites." This article sheds new light on the subject.

The Rapture, Tribulation Period, and Second Coming of Christ
When will these occur? What does the Bible say about them? Who will be left behind?

An Exception to the Rule
An Exception to God's Limit on Mans Years

God's Limit on Mans Years
Why were their people who lived longer than 120 years after the flood?

The Ascension, Resurrection, Flesh and Bone
Questions arise from the latest paper Cleaning the Feet of Jesus

Cleaning the Feet of Jesus
On the surface this topic may seem trivial, it turns out to be anything but;

The Root and The Offspring of David
One of the most curious titles associated with Jesus is one that He chose to use

  The Lineage Loophole
Mary should be disqualified to transfer the rights of her lineage to her son Jesus, except for a little known exception to the rule

Dueling Genealogies
Why are there two different genealogies for Jesus? Part of the answer solves another prophecy

Lucifer's Limitations
It is true that Satan is powerful, but he is not omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient (infinite knowledge), and omnipresent (present in all places at the same time)

The Paradise Paradox
Did Jesus go to Heaven when he died on the cross?

Finding a Wife for Cain
The apparent problem of the first couple's having only three sons

Atheists Charge; "What about the thousands who have been killed in the name of religion?"
I have seen outraged students or faculty members waiting with predatorial glee to pounce upon religion, eager to make this oft-repeated but ill-understood charge

The Atheists Challenge; "There is to much evil in this world; therefore, there cannot be a God."
Questions and answers taken from the Veritas lectures at Harvard University

The Great Messianic Prophecy of Moses
This prophecy of Moses that the Messiah would be like him is important to Israel in determining the credentials of the Messiah

Genesis 1:1 refers to God as a plural Being
He is clearly One God, yet He manifests Himself in more than on distinct personage - something totally compatible with the Christian concept of the Trinity

Revelation in our Generation?
Evidence from Prophecies Fulfilled in our Generation


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