Prophecy and the End Times


666? Has the Mark of the Beast been patented? It seems that the prototype for it has been released and is even used in some parts of the world. To check out more on this story, click here.


Pre-Trib or Post-Trib Rapture?
There seems to be a number of different views about the specifics of Christ's Second Coming. Some believe that Jesus Christ will rapture his people before the tribulation period, a time of great sorrow on earth, but some believe this will happen afterward. Who is right? What should we believe and why? To get the full scoop and an objective view, click here.



Many amazing New and Old Testament prophecies have been fulfilled so far showing the power that God has over human history. To check it these fulfilled prophecies, visit the Y-files' Revelation in Our Generation.


Christian prophecy is a very specific theology but has a very broad range of interpretation. Prophecy is most associated with the "end times" or the "end of the world." Conversely, prophecy can be a very wonderful thing. Below is a chronological list of events that will take place in the future (or possibly near future).
- The Rapture of the Church
- The Tribulation Period
- The Second Coming of Christ
- The Millennial Reign of Christ
- The Final Revolt of Satan
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