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September 25, 2002
Underminig the power of this host, Horizon GT had forgotten that this website is still avialable. Horizon GT was liquidated in June of 2001 and were successful in our short-run venture. We were pleased to reward our shareholders with a dividend. After this date, there will be no more updates regarding Horizon GT. If you still wish to contact anybody about this company, and it's outcomes, please contact the webmaster at this email address. Thank you!
April 19, 2001
Updates have been made to the products section. Our import items have been added.
March 29, 2001
Candies have now been added to our products section. However, this section is still under construction. What you see now is just a temporary page with the candy products. Please click here to see them. Also, just a little note, the page is quite heavy on graphics, so, please be patient while this page loads. Thank you.
March 17, 2001
I have added a number of links to our site about Horizon's home town and school. You can find them in our company info section.
March 8, 2001
Welcome to the new and updated site. Hope you all like it. This should solve everybody's resolution problem. The company info and the members section have been updated. If you have any questions, please forward them to the webmaster here!


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